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    Apothecary Krowe [BIO]

    Name: Krowe
    Age: 18
    Race: Undead
    Gender: Male
    Class: Necromancer, Reanimator, Graverobber, Apothecary.

    Languages: Gutterspeak, Orcish

    Faction: Horde

    Personality: From general conversation, you could get the idea that he isn't much of a conversationalist. Most of the time in a bad mood, and doesn't want to waste time on idle chit-chat. He doesn't talk much of his past, he says that his past life wasn't much to talk about. In truth, it was. But he never wanted to revisit it. He would rather enjoy the "Life" he has now, instead of fretting over the past, let alone speak of it. He will sometimes will create mindless ghouls to toy with, or make them have some sort of intelligence to have a meaningful conversation, which resonates a sort of Anti-socialism, and it's mostly correct. He is not much of a fan of interaction with the outside world, he was never good on the social scene. Limbs fall off, he sometimes eats like a savage wolf, and will sometimes mention some things about him that aren't the most appealing, so he hides in his laboratory in Undercity, expirementing with ghouls, talking with abominations, and occasionaly selling potions and elixirs he creates.

    Likes/Dislikes: As mentioned before, his main interest is "Playing" with his expirements. He adds extra eyes, limbs, brains, lungs, the works. Reanimation can be tricky work, sometimes. It's not as simple as finding a corpse and reanimate it, some corpses can't be reanimated for months, possibly years. Anyway, he can also manage to hold some conversations with living people, and they can be somewhat enjoyable for Krowe and the one he's talking to. He has many interesting stories and expiriences he's willing to share with others if he feels like it. What he cannot stand, though, are people who get into his personal business. Such as those who keep pestering him for info on his past, or info on Krowe in general. These people are not let off easy. Some even recieve massive injuries, although it is very rare for him to injure. He also has a certain disliking for the Light, to him it is poison. His rotted skin will melt slowly in direct contact with Light. Not the rays of the sun, like a Priest or Paladins Light. This is not uncommon for most Forsaken, but for Krowe, he is in a everlasting war with those related to light.

    Appearance: He wears a dark hood, pushing down his grey, rotted, balding hair. His glowing, yellow eyes can pierce weak darkness, such as that found in unlit caves. He wears a black, expertly detailed robe that has been stained from the many tests he's completed with said robe. He never cleans the robe, for it is his only means of clothing. He carries around a staff, a floating skull near the tip, glowing purple.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: He has a great knowledge of Dark Magic, though he rarely ever uses it, for his limbs couldn't possibly do most of the most powerful Shadow Spells. He can, although, use some of the lesser spells, not powerful, but can be very creative in how he uses them, to seem more powerful then they actually are. As for weaknesses, he isn't very quick, and can sometimes be caught off-gaurd.

    History: Krowe never knew his parents. He doesn't even know their last name, all he was given was a name. Krowe. He was adopted by a single father, named Johnathan, who did all he could for Krowe, but Krowe was never satisfied. Krowe was very young, around 2, but couldn't explain why he was always sad. In fact, he never said much. Ever. He was a silent fellow, who never had many friends. When he grew to age 7, he secretly studied in Shadow magic. His father was a priest, and wanted Krowe to continue the family line, but Krowe had other intentions. He soon studied enough Dark Magic to become a novice Warlock, and left home in search of his true parents. He knew exactly where to go for answers. He snuck into the orphanage to find records of parents who left children here. He didn't find any first names, but he found out his last name. Celevan. His full name was Krowe Celevan. Or atleast that's as close as it's going to get for then. He then quickly left and searched for the Celevans in the library. He found a family record book on the Celevans. Turned out they had quite the history, dating back as far as the first war of the Orcs and Humans. But that's not what he came for. He searched for the most recent entry, and found out that there were 5 living relatives, but no records of children. So Krowe decided to find the closest one, the one in Stormwind, to finally get some answers. After 8 hours of searching, he finally found her, Annabelle Celevan. Krowe approached the one known as Annabelle, who gasped in shock. Krowe asked what was wrong, and Annabelle pointed at a Missing poster, with Krowe's face on it. Krowe sighed, and told Annabelle that he was the son of someone in her family, and then asked if she knew who his parents were. Annabelle, after some calming down, sighed, and told him everything. This is what she said:

    "Your parent's names were Jachson and Emma, Jachson was a protector of Stormwind, and Emma was a priest. When Emma was told she was having a baby, she was ecstatic at the idea of having a child, but then realized that Jachson wouldn't be much help with the baby, being a Defender of the Alliance, and she had enough trouble as it is. Emma wanted to keep you, but she couldn't handle it. So, Jachson and Emma agreed to, when you were born, to put you in the Orphanage. They thought you would be safe there. As for why you weren't given your last name, they didn't want all of the Alliance to know this. So they kept your last name, and only your last name, secret."

    This opened Krowe's eyes, but he still didn't want to end his search here. He wanted to meet his parents, at least once. Without another word to Annabelle, he dashed back to the libary, now knowing his parents names. He found his Family Book again, but, when he found the name "Jachson" and "Emma", he found out they were listed as "Deceased". Krowe was dumbstruck. Not knowing what to say to this. His shock soon elevated to anger, and threw the book to the wall, and slammed his fist hard onto the table. But, then, his rage shrunk to sadness, and began to sob on the table, until Johnathan found him. Johnathan asked what had him so sad, but Krowe refused to answer. Johnathan, not wanting to upset him further, simply took him home, and left him alone for an hour to take down the "Missing" Posters. Krowe, dissapointed at the death of his parents, fell asleep. He then had a strange dream, where he was older, and had seemed to have gone insane, another image that popped up was him drinking a strange potion, a scream from an unknown figure, and a Forsaken cackling. Krowe didn't know what to make of this dream. Was it a sign? A warning? Krowe was confused, but thought nothing of it. Later, at the age of 15, he delved deeper into Necromancy, not caring if Johnathan found out anymore. Krowe was only focusing on himself. He even learned of some Alchemy. He soon migrated farther and farther away from human interaction, even developing some symptoms of mental unstability, not quite insanity, but dangerously close. His mind was warped, and he thought the study of Dark Magic would aid it, but little to his knowledge, it was only warping it more, soon he would become an Insane Necromancer. Johnathan and Annabelle, his only living relative, began to worry about Krowe, sometimes attempting to convert him to the light, which would aid his mind warping. But he would always either ignore it or decline their help. One day, though, when Krowe grew to the age of 18, his mind was fully warped, and began killing people with the power of Necromancy. When the Gaurds cornered Krowe, he already had a plan. He had recently created a potion of reanimation, which would kill the one who drank from the potion, but would later revive them. But, Krowe didn't tell them it brought him back to life after death. He just said it would kill him. You could call it clever, but he honestly thought it would just kill him. His mind was warped, he didn't know. When Krowe drank the potion, Annabelle screamed in shock when Krowe's deceased body fell to the ground. Annabelle was devastated that the only other kin of the Celevans was dead. 2 years after the Burial, Krowe had finally dug his way out of the grave, and, still remembering one shadow spell, teleported himself to Eastern Plaguelands. Afterwards, he made his way to Brill, where he continued his studies in Necromancy, Alchemy, and some Reanimation. His revival potion gave him inspiration to do Reanimation. Krowe remembers mostly everything of his past, but never wants to talk about it. It brings searing pain to him whenever he speaks of it. Thankfully, Necromancy is welcome to the Undeads, so he was set for life.

    "They said Necromancy was warping my brain. They were incorrect. Instead, it helped me learn who I truly am. I am not a Celevan. I am Krowe. Just Krowe."

    "Why have a last name? It only conforms you to one group. I'm not part of anybodies family tree anymore. I am now my own family."

    "Death is permanent. Even us Forsaken are dead inside. They hide it, yes, but somewhere deep within all of us... there is a part of you that thinks you as a rotting husk of a person."

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    First RP Bio. All feedback welcome!

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    Welcome welcome! Another apothecary I love it!

    First off great Bio. I can't really find anything wrong with it, but potions like the one he used to reanimate himself has always been bit of stretch to me. However you did make it come at a pretty large cost and it all seems nicely balanced. So I say again great Bio. Can't wait for the chance for Farah and Krowe to talk shop.

    Potions that is...not so much the necromancy. lol

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