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    What are we doing there?

    Hey guys, I know this is probably a stupid question and probably has a simple answer but, the recent raid of Moshu'gan Vaults has got me confused, recent raids have always had a plot behind them, ICC for example was to kill Arthas before he could do more devilishly evil doings and stop the scourge army, Dragon Soul was to stop Deathwing from destroying the world and the Firelands was to stop Metzen from covering the world in flame... but with the latest raid I just don't feel like there is any story, saying all this I have yet to complete any of the raid so I don't know if there is any lore or rp involved.

    You guys mind helping me out and explaining what if anything is going on in that raid and is it an important part of the WoW lore.

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    MoP is about exploring a new land, there isn't a real force behind the expansion besides the reignited conflict between the Alliance and Horde. Mogu are a hostile race, that's enough of a reason to attack their vaults, I guess?
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    To uncover what the Mogu were doing and stop them from using any Titan technology.

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