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    Quote Originally Posted by Riftcrusher View Post
    It's great, although it would be nice if you've received an item that you don't really need, to be able to give it or trade it with others
    Then we'll go back to what happened in 4.3 where when you won an item and were immediately bombed with 4 different people's sob story of how they needed the item over you.

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    This is what happens when dungeon finder mentality collides with raid finder reality. Not pretty.
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    I've gotten a belt and a cape drop this week, actually. Remember that you can use charms to get a roll on a boss, even if you're locked out for the week.

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    It took me 8 weeks for the LFR system in cata to give me anything. This one I seem to get a piece every other week or so, with some occurrences of getting really lucky. Got 3piece tier on my first run when the DS one switched over to the new loot system, for example.

    Overall it's been more loot, but I wish the gold still dropped regularly so that my guild could benefit from cash flow.

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    i got PvP shoes on a sha of anger kill and bracers in LFR =P RnG just hates u

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    Quote Originally Posted by therayeffect View Post
    This of course assumes that when the boss dies, there is a certain number of items that are 'won' (5 items).
    This assumption is completely incorrect. So much for everything before it.
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    At first I thought the new loot system would indeed help to prevent ninja looting. But after seeing it with my own eyes, I came to these conclusions:
    -you no longer loose loot because some fool out there takes your $hit, you don't win it altogether. In both cases, you don't get any loot, but in the past you could get loot passed from someone else.
    -apparently you can use Elder Charms of Good Fortune for another chance for loot.... but without knowing what the actual drops are, you can end up wasting them ( by using them on an epic that you already got, or win nothing at all ), specially if you are more then half fully geared, and there are only a few pieces left you need. ( and lets face it, the "last few" pieces were the hardest to get )
    -I( speaking from a personal p.o.v ) no longer feel that I'm participating in taking down a powerful foe, but rather, am part of a lottery...
    Correct me if I'm wrong gentlemen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redwitchy View Post
    Again..(Though not to the OP) You want something for raiding cos you didn't get loot?
    Raiding used to be about gathering team-mates so you could kill a boss and "possibly" have a chance on loot. Just cos you killed that particular boss does NOT entitle you to anything. You want a higher percentage of gold as the boss didn't drop anything you could use? Look at the bigger picture mate, please do...
    And what bigger picture is that? LFR is for casuals to get loot and see content. I am not gathering any "mates" I am clicking a button and waiting for the system to place me in a group. I am fine with the system not assigning me any loot after a kill. I do, however, feel that a measly ~30g for using one of my tokens is a little low.

    And the word is BECAUSE not cos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mstg View Post
    The new LFR system is just failure?
    So you got a piece of loot off every boss/every time you went to DS LFR??

    Do tell me more! What was your secret?!

    I'm curious how you ever got so lucky! I mean, I had weeeeekkkkkkksssssss go by where I didn't see a single piece of loot.

    Seriously though, it's the first week. It's NOT meant to be "Here is loot". You DO have to face a chance of RNG and rolling odds, both with the new and old system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mstg View Post
    The new LFR system is just failure?
    You seem pretty unsure of yourself.

    RNG is RNG.

    Anyone know the drop rate of the loots?
    There's a straight 5% chance that you'll get something from a boss (and if you do, it'll only be something that your class could use). Once everything's unlocked, I think there's going to be 16 bosses total for this tier. 16 tries with a 5% chance each time isn't bad.

    It's not like the chance of getting something in the old LFR was much different, especially considering the fact that everyone rolled need on everything.

    With this system, it's either a yes or a no. You either get loot, or you don't. You don't have to sit there and watch assholes who don't need something need roll on it and steal it from you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Novakhoro View Post
    I recommend shoulder surgery immediately... there's no way you didn't fuck it up with how hard you just reached.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstg View Post
    The new LFR system is just failure?
    How is it a failure? Most weeks I went to "old" LFR I didn't get loot, it's no different now. I can handle not having gear in my box better than I can handle watching a guild go in and ninja everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tingyou View Post
    Because each time you went into LFR during DS you came out with gear? Right.
    Actually I was geared out in 5 piece the healing mace, healing offhand, and all rings,necklaces and trinkets after the first month of LFR. I expect the same thing to happen this time around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstg View Post
    The new LFR system is just failure?
    Instead of the 84g would you rather see
    Holyretardin receives loot: [Gurth'alak]
    Protftw receives loot: [Gurth'alak]
    Ineedoneverything receives loot: [Gurth'alak]

    Nothing changes loot-wise. You still don't get anything, it's just that now you get to not get pissed by ninjas and idiots needing on everything they can even if it's not for their roles or they even have better items.

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    I'm liking the new loot system. I ran LFR right off the bat to check out how 'challenging' it was compared to DS LFR (yeah, the reports of it being more difficult were vastly exaggerating). Didnt get a drop.

    Ran it again that night with guildies and got 2 drops from the bonus rolls. And an ok chunk of valor.

    The mechanics and numbers could be a little more demanding, imo. I'd have been content with 5-10 lower ilvl requirement if it meant the dps/heals were a little harder to meet at first and resulted in players possibly experiencing a wipe in a 'raid experience'.

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    Seriously? It's almost exactly like the old system. The only difference is that nobody can take your shit anymore. Honestly, how many times per week did you get gear in DS LFR? What, because you pressed a Greed or Need (Most likely Need) you felt like you had a chance? If you weren't specced for that item, you weren't going to get the bonus roll anyway. The chance of beating somebody who actually had the bonus roll was slim to none. It's all RNG. Nothing different from that side of things. This new LFR system is a bajillion times better than the old LFR system.

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    Just another whine-thread due to lack of perspective.
    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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