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    So if MoP appeals more to the Chinese than to anyone else, would the American gamers here be extra happy and give Blizzard more money if the next expansion was cowboy-themed and looked exactly like the American southwest and was populated by fat, xenophobic bald eagle people that talked in various tv-stereotype American accents? Did the Gilnean cheesy accents pander to the British? UK visitors, chime in here. Did you give Blizzard more money because they had "British" accents in their game? Do you want to see an entire expansion that looks like England?

    "It's like China so Chinese people like it" is just such a simplistic thought pattern. If someone made a video game that was "California themed" or something I probably wouldn't be more interested in it. I'd be less interested in it if anything because people play fantasy games to see new, foreign, and interesting landscapes. I would be pretty uninterested if the next World of Warcraft expansion took place completely in an area that looked like downtown Los Angeles. Do you want to see a fantasy MMO that looks exactly like things around you outside? If not, don't assume everyone else does. When you generalize that only people in x country want to see y, that's borderline racist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    it may not be racist per say but its def a double standard.

    for the majority of Americans and Europeans when they think of "the past" they think of things like norse mythology and castles and whatnot they see something based off another culture and say "ER MEH GERD WTF THEY PANDERIN TO ASIA"

    let me ask people this if the expansion was based around night elves and everything was inspired by Japanese culture instead of chinese would you still be complaining
    Errr.... Yes? Jesus peeps you really are over sensitive on the matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thekrik View Post
    A few months ago I posted a thread asking people to predict review scores for MoP:

    The results were indisputable, most people predicted MoP would score 90-94%.

    Now look at the score on metacritic:

    It is around 83%. This is the worst score a WoW expansion has ever had, and way below the expectations of what people predicted.

    I'm not trying to start a war of words here, I'm pointed out factual data we now have regarding the quality of the expansion.

    EDIT: We're not talking about the USER SUBMITTED REVIEWS on metacritic here (which can be ignored), we're talking about the actual CRITIC Reviews from respected people like IGN, eurogamer and gamespot.

    Lets get a few things straight before we start:

    First you are indeed doing this to create a flamebait thread, a thread that is popular for the people to point out that wow has failed blalbla otherwise you wouldn't create a thread like this in the first place.

    Now about the critic scores. It was honestly even expected, wow is 8 years old. And has to compete with the newly set standard IN DE REVIEWERS EYES that guild wars 2 had set.
    And while for a lot of people this expansion finally feels what we have been waiting for all through cata, it might not be enough for the critics from various sites. WoW MoP has provided a lot of great additions but what you also have to realize that most to all critic reviewers are nothing but reviewers that pander to the what the crowd wishes. And to the publisher that stuffs enough money up their *peep*.

    What i mean with pandering to the crowd is for a lot of sites:
    • PC gamer (mostly immature kids on this site, their literally is not a community with more entitled people)
    • IGN (some good people honestly though their review scores and just *peep* poor. Take a look at the COD games crowd pandering right there)
    • Gamespot ( Kane & Lynch anybody? )
    • Kotaku ( Nothing to say everybody knows. And their last post about MoP from some writer clearly shows their in-expertise anybody every heard of a shift button? )
    • the rest

    Review sites pander to their crowd, they give the scores people wish or to the game that is either immensely popular or the company that stuffs their pockets enough. Trusting and basing your purchase on a number like a large part apparently does is the most dumb thing you could do. If you want a good review you read it completely and dont even look at the numbers attached to it. Those say nothing and unless it gets a 8,5+ now a days its considered a bad game?

    Can you imagine what this means ? a 7 is a bad score? thats the mentality now a days lower then a 8,5 == game sucks.

    What i am trying to get at is not that reviews are bad or anything like that, hell im not even saying metacritic is bad. But we the consumers are, metacritic should not use scores.. heck not one review anymore should have a score at the end. It can give a summary but please can we get rid of the silly numbers.. its stupid especially the way it over the years has escalated. Its used now a days purely to in an instant decide if a game is good or bad.

    Generally what i have noticed is the following happens:

    - Consumer gets to the site
    - Consumer looks up title
    - Consumer spots a number below 8,5 (doesnt look at the review at all)
    - Consumer spots a number above 8,5 and actually reads the review.

    And their lies the problem what does that number actually mean? a game is a 8,5. Grats? so .. uhm.. what does that thing actually say?

    One thing i find fun to think about:

    When you were in school if you got a grade below 8,5 would your mother hate you to then? Because thats how you can see the current grading system for games. Getting anything below an A+ is apparently not accepted and means a game will sell poorly.

    Yes a game can have flaws and its the job of critics to point these problems out. But unless we finally get some proper grading tables detailing how a number is based (not purely the opinion of somebody) these numbers are as worthless as any and only cause problems for game developers publishers. And worse for the people that work their. A good example of this is:

    Even if its not true, just the fact that this could be the case tells enough about the modern gaming community.

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    arent these the same people who claimed the ending to mass effect 3 was the best ever?
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    No, not worse at all. I am enjoying it.

    I always ignore critic reviews of movies.... I guess the same goes for games too.

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    Verdict finally in: MoP is the worst expansion. Metacritic said so.

    'Lord Sargeras, sweep your molten fist through this world, so that it may be reborn in flames and darkness!'
    'So the light's vaunted justice has finally arrived.'
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    Well, Last I remember IGN gave it an 8.5 and Eurogamer gave it an 8. If 8 is "Horrible" well I just don't know then.

    But in the end what really matters is the fact that a majority of the players actually enjoy MoP and think it is one of the better expansions to date.

    Don't you even talk to me about the "MMO-Champion forums" These fourms are a VERY Small minority of butt-hurt people.

    Also, Metacritic lol

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    Ok, First off that is one website. Meaning anything they say is an opinion and doesn't count as some kind of official "verdict".

    Secondly, In my opinion MoP is way better than Cata overall and still has a lot of content left to go.

    Please don't say things are a fact when they only represent a few non important peoples opinions. Over 10 million people play this game.

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    Do us and yourself a favor, do NEVER (underline that if necessary) use metacritic as a reference.

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    Hmmm, I always think you should follow the money. Since subscriptions are on the rise I think it's going well for MoP. We won't really know till we see the sub numbers near the last tier, where raiding is generally at its hottest and the population at its largest. I don't give 2 shits about reviews, what shows the quality of a product are how many people buy it and continue to use it.

    Sales of the expac haven't been, from what I understand, as quick as previous expansions, but Cata left such a bad taste in people's mouths that it will take a bit for them to come back or to recruit new players. Time will tell, though, whether this is a better expansion or worse expansion. The metric will be the number of people playing it, not reviewers.

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    Dont know for some reason this exp just feels so out of context. Also only zone that actually "felt" good to play was Jade Forest and maybe Kun-lai Summit. All other zones just felt/feel like those zones just "had to be done to expansion have more zones" you just feel that there just isnt anything cool to those zones. Especially when u do dailys at klaxxi it's just feels.. I dont know.. boring. This defintely isnt bad expansion for new players, but for wow veterans it can be a turn-off.
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    Wait... what..?

    SOME people think WoW is bad?

    Guess I should uninstall. This is clearly enough to stop me from playing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    tell me how many american made video games and moves and tv shows set in the past arent set in medieval times with either heavy norse or greek/roman themes.

    in western culture theres typically 3 genres the norse/greek/roman amalgamation, colonial times, and "ancient times" aka egypt
    Clearly you didn't completely read what I was responding to, otherwise you wouldn't have just said that. Congratulations.

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    Metacritic has this crazy habit of rating a game before it comes out and the day that it does come out. It also has this crazy habit of giving a rating for WoW for the previous expansion, so a lot of the people down voting it were very unhappy with Cata. Note that the critics on metacritic don't get a preview of the game like many official reviewers do, but even then, I take most reviews with a grain of salt. Reviewers have this thing where they're given a limited amount of time to play and then rate a game, and most will say "I only got to experience the first zone, but blah blah blah here's my rating FOR THIS ENTIRE EXPANSION". The user reviews come from people who often haven't even played the game, or already hate it. Most of the people enjoying it are in game rather than stomping around review sites telling everyone how they feel about the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOne01 View Post
    Read the rest of the thread. One is aloud to make an error..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose19 View Post
    4.4 user score, ROFL. MoP is bad even the critics see that.
    Yes because 21 positive reviews is bad. 21 positive reviews not a single mixed or negative review from a professional reviewer.

    User score is not something to go by at all. Mass Effect 3 had like a 2? user score and like a 90 from reviewers. User scores for games are trolled so hard it isn't funny.

    I like it more than Cata thus far I just hope they tone back the focus on dailys.
    READ and be less Ignorant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer View Post
    phew its only what 21 critics think...most of which i've never heard of...good things millions of players not rating it are just playing it instead.

    including me....logging onto wow!
    the only ones talking good about it are places like G4 TV. nobody wants to lose cash flow for downing a game as big as blizzard's WoW

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    Why do I give 2 shits about what other people say? Thats right, I don't.

    I'm actually loving this more than Cata. I love the rep grind. The dailies themselves. Hell this is the first expansion where I've actually had fun leveling a new class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IIamaKing View Post
    Yes because 21 positive reviews is bad. 21 positive reviews not a single mixed or negative review from a professional reviewer.

    User score is not something to go by at all. Mass Effect 3 had like a 2? user score and like a 90 from reviewers. User scores for games are trolled so hard it isn't funny.

    I like it more than Cata thus far I just hope they tone back the focus on dailys.
    Check out the user reviews for this game:

    Let me know what you think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuminousAether View Post
    Check out the user reviews for this game:

    Let me know what you think.
    That doesn't even make sense. 20 positive reviews, 2 mixed, 2 poor and its at .4? Am I reading something wrong?

    Nvm looks as though its bugged, upon clicking "negative" it shows some 1900 poor user scores.
    READ and be less Ignorant.

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    Well i'm enjoying it. Way better than Cata that's for sure. Some people wont like it, but that doesn't really affect my view of it.

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