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    Which head is the best?

    Elemental Shaman:
    Hello guys it's my first topic here and I am struggling during these days to find the best choice to my head slot item. I have two possible choices:

    PVE ONE:
    Waterburst Helm HC

    PVP ONE:
    Dreadful Gladiator's Mail Helm

    Soo, doing some calculations with my gear and possible reforging, gems i would benefit:

    INT: 994 1135 = -141 PVP
    HASTE: 474 244 = -230 PVE
    MAST: 572 202 = -370 PVE
    CRIT: 0 304 =-304 PVP

    By the way some stats that are in that total are added by reforging by extra hit that i would receive by using that item.

    Which one is the best?

    ps: Sry I cant url the items, not enough posts hehe

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    Waterburst. Int > all. At 5m HC gear 1 int = 3 mastery/haste/crit.

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    Here's the comparison. I've checked the item score using the default Elem stat weight and a weight scale with Int = 3, Spirit = Haste = Mastery = Crit = 1. In both cases, the Waterburst Helm is ahead.

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