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    Question on Serpents Deck

    So I've been noticing that as the days go by, the price of this has dramatically decreased. On the first day that someone made a deck, it was up for 125k. Now I'm lucky if I'm getting 55k for an offer. Is it worth it for me to buy the last card at 6k, sell it to someone for like 50k, and just be done with it? Or should I wait until the faire is over and the demand for them isn't so high. Will it sell for more then? Or better yet, should I just keep it and use it for myself (as a mage) if it's not gonna be going for around 100k+ anymore?

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    The reason price has decreased is because more people are 90 and have 600 inscription. But yeah, just between 2 faires is probably the best time to sell them, and during the fair is the best time to buy them.

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    50k? Wow, they are selling for 20k at best on my server. Also, I don't think the price will go back up. With raiding out people can just go run them for epic trinkets.

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    Prices will be going down steadily as of now, the ink traders are in place, and with the next Darkmoon being a month away, people won't be in such a rush to use the scrolls to finish a deck ASAP. While some servers I can see prices stabilizing around 40-50k, I really doubt they'll ever go for much more then that.
    With that being said, it's up to you. The decks are pretty good, unless you absolutely need the money, or have no plans of raiding, I would take it for myself.
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