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    Yu-Gi-Oh Card Value Question!

    I was cleaning out some old things and I stumbled across some old Yu-gi-oh cards. I really never played just had a few packs. I found 2 cards that I remember being my favorite and 2 "best" cards, and I was wondering if they had any kind of value today and if it would be worth to sell or just to put right back where I found them lol.

    The first card is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon and the second card I have is the Black Skull Dragon.

    Thanks for the help!

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    If its marked LOB-001, might be worth a couple bucks, same for BSD, if its marked...forgot the marking... its like MRR or something

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    They were both released in the starter decks, so I don't think they're worth much.

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    Alright thanks! Back to the box they go ! lol

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    like above poster said, they were both released multiple times in structure decks so price might have dropped quite a bit.

    if you got both from the boosters you maybe can get some bucks, but dont expect much, due upperdeck being gone a lot of the cards lost value due reprints

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    www.yugico.com is the site we use to decide on the price at our LGS, so you can check them out there.

    BEW-Dragon can be worth up to 72 dollar, but it can also be 1.70
    B. Skull Dragon is around 5 to 15

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    The golden rule of collectibles is "It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it."

    Since most collectibles produced after the mid 80's onwards produced in such high numbers their actual value is somewhat diminished.

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