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    Help with video setting regarding some abilities

    I hope topic name is not way too confusing but this is what I'm looking to find.
    I play on low settings (due to my laptop not being so powerful) and I would like to find out which video setting affects certain lines on ground. Best example I have is Cobalt Mine. I'm sure most of you have seen this ability from first boss in Mogu'shan Vaults. Crytsal spawns and then there is this line around it which indicates radius in which trap will trigger. Now that is problem because I can barely see that line (I know there are few more boss abilities and stuff with similar indicators) and I'm wondering if someone knows/could help me find out which video setting is connected to this, hoping that I could increase its visibility by bumping setting up a bit.

    Thanks a lot and sorry for kinda weird question

    Thanks to dubbelbasse for this awesome sig!

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    I think you need to enable projected textures.

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