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    Pretty sure warlock only quest is for (finally) our green flames.
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    I just had an idea. Maybe since this legendary is for all classes, each class will get a scenario for part of the chain. That would be neat, but admittedly a lot of stuff to be developed.

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    It's not part of the legendary quest line, it is a story line with Wrathion and a new faction of warlocks, the council of the black harvest.
    Oh. I hope Illidan has something to do with it.

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    Wait, the Black Temple scenario can only be run by warlocks?
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    Warlock is the least played class so it makes sense that they would get some love.

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    When you look at the numbers and see that, in addition to Rogues (who got their bump last patch), Warlocks trail behinds all other classes in level 90 representation, it makes sense that Blizzard is trying to promote the class a little.

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