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    Low HP Prot compared to other tanks

    Ok so I haven't seen many prot warriors about at all and this maybe the reason why, just a little worried about my health pool, I haven't gone for the classic "STAMINA!!!" style however I do have a few pieces massively based on stamina for those magic intense fights, are any other warrior tanks having this issue with health or can anyone see fault in my current build/reforges/gems/etc.

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    Your health is insanely low. My warrior is on about 480k unbuffed with a couple epics.

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    Trinkets...and none of your gems have stamina.

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    the question is ... do you need stamina? I dare to say, if you don't race for server firsts / region/world top 100-ish rankings with your guild, you're perfectly fine with what you have.

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    Used to have that problem before I got a few epics. Now I have around 449k unbuffed, and 505 or 512 in raid, don't remember really. I'd also suggest you put in hit+stamina/expertise+stamina gems. Also, instead of 320 mastery - you should use 240 stamina. Also, you should have farmed the epic stamina trinket during the beer event =/ with the blues and random stats right now, I really don't think Mastery has priority over health.
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    Well I have no issue in raids our anything and in dungeons I just don;t die at all, so is stacking mastery over stamina a bad thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnomeasaurus View Post
    Well I have no issue in raids our anything and in dungeons I just don;t die at all, so is stacking mastery over stamina a bad thing?
    Stacking stamina is the worst thing you can do as a tank right now. I had absolutely no problems with my health at 430k UB (No stam gems, 1 stam trinket) on our first raid. There is no boss or instance that requires you to have more than 420k hp to be honest, they all hit pretty low and avoidance means more than ever with our gear being so early in development.

    Currently I am on 470k Unbuffed with zero stamina gems. I currently have 2 stamina trinkets, but that's because the DMC shared a CD with my mastery trinket (So I found it pretty wasteful to have a trinket that I couldn't use).

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    If you're not dying then there's no problem.

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    Stacking stamina this early in the expansion makes me want to vomit...
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