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    Shadow pvp stats, mastery vs crit.

    So im kinda struggling what do go for as my "secondary stat", im sitting on 21.11% haste right now. Im reforging all mastery into crit and having 8.7% crit, which is kinda low, and I've seen that crit is more valuable but 8% is nothing.

    So im wondering, is it more worth going for mastery since I get more chance procing FDCL.

    Its really mind boggling for me...

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    Crit is to my mind superior to Mastery, for a couple different reasons. A) DoTs are pretty easy to dispel, and B) Burst damage is really the only shot to taking down a healer solo.

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    Mastery is inferior to crit in every way, (they both effectively double the dmg of an ability) however, mastery only affects dots. The value of mastery increases faster than crit does in terms of % per stat. But not fast enough to compensate for both the loss of ability's it affects and the crit gained through int.

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    I would go with mastery, regardless whether or not crit would provide better theoretical dps.

    Mastery provides:
    - more Devouring plague healing
    - more mana from VT
    - more procs = more mobility

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    hitcap >10% haste > mastery > crit afaik

    also 4x satin + moon gloves

    as far as i heard

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