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    does any body know how to start "will of the emperor heroic" ???

    i'm trying the 'will of the emperor heroic (10 man)' now.

    but i can't find anyway to start it omg..

    when i played at the test sever, as i remember i had to click the pipe at the stage to activate the battle.
    but now i can't find any object like that.

    me and my guild party are wasting time for an hour already

    i tried to call GM but no answer

    does anybody know how to activate heroic battle for will of the emperor?
    plz tell me anybody

    i'm really desperate now...

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    not sure if troll or really serious.
    In order to attempt this encounter you need to kill all other bosses on heroic.

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    Please dont really tell me you wasted an hour, wow rofl.

    As with nearly every other final heroic boss this game has had - you need to kill all the previous ones on heroic first.

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    actually... we did kill 5/6 on HC and cannot start it :S we click the button but it opens and nothing happens... WTF?

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    you answered your question in your first post,go click the pipes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morghie View Post
    actually... we did kill 5/6 on HC and cannot start it :S we click the button but it opens and nothing happens... WTF?
    Just to be clear, you killed 5/6 HM on this lockout, right?

    I know it seems like a silly question, but I often see people say "oh yeah, we've killed everything else on HM. Oh, no, not this week. This week we sped through to the last boss to have more time for hardmode attempts."
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    mhm mhm silly us - feeling a bit like a mentally challenged child right now

    we found the pipes about 30 seconds after I posted the embarrassing post

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    I like these pipes. Every guilds I know have lost time on it. Some have tried an "hard reset" (staying outside of the raid for 30+ min), some have waited the next lockout or even contacted a GM...
    Mimiron was kind enough to have a big red button.

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    aah the pipes.

    strangely enough the guild im in had no issues figuring this out.
    since we had a little hunter snooping around clicking on stuff he isnt susposed too click on.
    and then BAM! the encounter started.

    ooh i wonder if we ever find that sneaky little hunter.
    /camouflage *sneaks away*

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    There are pipes on the floor of the thing that you must break 4 out of the 6 to activate the heroic will encounter
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