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    Scripted Auctioneers/Auctioneer Bots

    I have noticed at least one toon which is on a strict logging in timer (they log in every 25 minutes, probably on a 24H basis). This toon controls the LW "Contender's " set market.

    It logs in, stays online for about 45 seconds, and during those 45 seconds they manage to cancel and repost dozens of LW related auctions. They always undercut any undercuters ofc, all this in the space of 45 secs.

    Either there is an -illegal- addon that has got the cancelling/posting/undercutting process scripted and it's able to cancel/post/undercut dozens of auctions in less than one minute, or this toon is a scripted bot.

    What do you guys think. And yeah, ofc I reported this toon.

    P.S.: No, I do NOT mean Auctionator.
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    now wait 2 months until blizzard decides to ban him, by that time bot owner will be millionaire damn i'm always late to the train!

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    The addon that's able to cancel tons of auctions and relists them in no time is out there for a long time and perfectly legal.
    The precise login pattern however is something to raise an eyebrow. If you are concerned, report the players name. Blizz is capable to look into the logs and detect such pattern easily. And they do ban people fast for economic exploits. They just gotta be told about it.

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    /run local i=1;local n=1;while n ~= nil do n=GetAuctionItemInfo("owner",i);if n~=nil and strfind(n,"^Glyph of") then CancelAuction(i) end i=i+1 end
    cancels all of your auctions with "glyph of" in its name, of course you can change that to ^dust ^essence
    or even ^contenders

    now if the undercutting gets heavy i like this macro
    /run GetMouseFocus():Click()
    /click BrowseBuyoutButton
    /click StaticPopup1Button1
    buyout on mouseover, and auto confirms buyout.

    reposting everything in a minute...ehh sometimes there is mailbox lag...but it isn't all TO hard...
    the only thing that sounds like a bot is the logging in at the exact same times, coupled with for the same durations.

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    ohh, and one way to check to see if it is a bot, auto undercutting (you may lose this piece of equipment)

    is make a few contenders pieces, and if he really is logging in, in a set pattern
    you wait until he is about to log in about 15 seconds

    you price each contenders piece about 20g above vendor price (a lot of addons even warn if you are about to post below vendor price, 20g above it will help that not happen)

    he cancels everything, and reposts to undercut you.

    you cancel your auctions and buyout all of his for 15g above vendor price.

    repost at market value.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturmbringe View Post
    they log in every 25 minutes, probably on a 24H basis).
    It all sounds entirely fine except for the 24hour basis thing, which you say probably about so you're making an assumption and don't actually know they're doing it.

    Check the undermine journal and find out their actual real posting times, if they are doing this 24 hours a day, then yes, they're account sharing or botting and report. Otherwise it sounds fine to me tbh. Skilled use of *perfectly legal* addons like TSM could account for the posting easily.

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    What windfury said. Too often such stories have been posted here and then when checked out they have had very big inconsistencies. Unfortunately the ah is like that these days. The canceling of auctions I dont mind, but the immediate bulk relisting I think is too automated. Anyone would be able to make money if they were wulling to put the efort in and addons didnt have sych a grip on the ah.

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    The login schedule doesn't really mean its a bot, they could log in for 45 seconds before work or school everyday, not that far fetched

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    I do this ~every 15 mins - 1hr on my bank alt. I know you claim say it's not auctionator or TSM, but what proof do you have that it's not? I completely dominate my market at the moment using these 2 addons, doing undercuts and resale. The only proof you'd have is if you were to add them as a friend and watch time when they log in...if it's 15 mins exactly, for 24 hours then yes obviously bot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twilightdawn View Post
    The login schedule doesn't really mean its a bot, they could log in for 45 seconds before work or school everyday, not that far fetched
    He said every 25 minutes 24hrs a day.you will find that human players sleep and they are irregular.

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    yeah with tsm i can cancel and repost over 600 glyphs in 5 minutes

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    Check with eu.theunderminejournal.com, should give you an idea of their actual activity.

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