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    Prismatic Scale

    Do you guys know any good place to farm [Prismatic Scale] ? thx

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    I've gotten decent numbers from the turtles in the ruins near nesingwary. Also check out the Winward Isle when the daily is turtle meat. Tons of dead turtles from other players that you can skin

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    indeed, those spots, and if there is a lot of people still lvling, the turtles and mushuan in valley of the 4 winds is a great place too
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eriz View Post
    Do you guys know any good place to farm [Prismatic Scale] ? thx
    Northeast of Halfway hill there is an area that turtles contantly spawn. Hit around 30-40 in no time while I was doing a quest in the same area. Its a small bay and has lots of respawns in it and typically can kill at least 5-7 of them a minute if you are strong enough. So far thats what ive found hope that helps.

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