I understand, for several reasons, this thread will probably go ignored, but I just had that "talk about something" feeling, you know?

I've read everything of his work (at least in the warcraft books) up to Stormrage, and honestly, I have to say, I don't get why people hate him so much.

Don't get me wrong, he's not a super good author or anything, but people spit on him while they praise Golden, who isn't much better. I'd say Knaak's biggest flaw is his descriptions of characters and events are fucking horrible. Like, in Day of the Dragon, when Knaak describes a dragon swallowing a Gryphon Rider "Like a sausage".

"Swallowed like a sausage"? What? What the fuck does that imply? That the dragon grabbed the dwarf and started deep-throating him in an erotic manner while the other dragon jerked off to it? How does one swallow anything 'like a sausage'? Then in the War of the Ancient's trilogy, Knaak describes Xavius turning into a tree as "bloating like a dead fish".

I was not aware that it was common for dead fish to bloat.

It's like the guy just grasps at two completely different words and puts them together. It's like if I wrote,

"Thrall walked into the throne room and slumped into his chair like an oiled giraffe." Or "The man walked into the store like a confused tree".

And like I said, his descriptions of characters are pretty bad, though I suppose in his defense, he may purposely skimp on detail with characters because he's writing about characters that the reader already knows how they look, so he let's the reader implant the character directly into the story.

Other than that he's a pretty average writer.

P.S. Ignoring his sexual obsession with using "It was all (he/should/it/they) could do", which the guy also uses on every other page or so.

P.S.S. Oh right and Stormrage was the first Knaak novel I actually thought was really fucking bad. I regret buying it.

P.S.S.S. Discuss.