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    All Server Horde and Alliance

    Thanks <3

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    I like how the pandaren questgiver seems to be getting more and more confused as time goes by.

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    I quite liked that... sorta like some mailboxes aswell
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    lol true but this always happen and annoying as hell

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    Many people, especially some retards aka world pvp-ers, do this particulary so you accidentally hit them and have the guards faceroll you.

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    I wish I could upvote forum threads.

    Alternativly, everyone just oughta use the Lorewalker cloud/disk mount.
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    I don't even know anymore.
    But then how will everyone see my hideous pink twilight mount?
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    The thing is, Blizzard is now able to add hitboxes to important quest givers and other NPCs, why don't they do it more often? World PvP is not the reason, since this stuff usually happens around some guards, and when it doesn't, most players don't attack back.

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    Interact with NPC (options) - Hotkeyed, Is your Friend

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    I know most of just stand there and not help when comes to PvP

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    Boo hoo, just use name plates.

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    Even with nameplates it can be annoying, but ive accepted that its part of the game. That little strip was pretty funny though.

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    Oh Isle of Quel'Danas, how awesome you where each phase.
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