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    Current BS/JC VS Eng/LW - Should i switch?

    So i know the current best DPS professions are Eng/LWing, but the issue stands right now that i am 600 in both BS/JC with many of the BS recipes already.

    My main problem right now, is i can't seem to find a LWer with SoH to craft me the gloves/chest. And i have yet to be a LWer on this toon, which would help me in the long run for crafting my own gear.

    One of the reasons i havent changed over, is both JC/BS are very high demand prof's. JC is always needed for people to get cuts and now the new panther mounts, while BS makes buckles as well as alot of gear for plate tank/heal/dps.

    I was wondering if the community here could help me weigh out pro's and con's of doing the switch. I do have a Monk i am leveling right now that is both Mining/Skinning. So i could farm my own mats. I am just wondering if having those professions would be extremely helpful to me in the longrun. And are Eng/LWing marketable professions that i could make decent cash flow from?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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    Eng/LW are both not very marketable.
    Engineering will give you a clear increase most likely through the entire expansion, LW is great at the start of expansion, but it will be equal with others eventually.

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    Engy+BS will be best for dps. Epic gems and more secondary stats. JC will end up being the worst.

    I would say level JC on an alt and pick up engy on your main but you'd have to level the alt and grind rep.
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    Ok so apparently im a nub, and before posting i didn't verify that the information i checked a week or two ago was still correct.

    So apparently its Enchanting and Leatherworking. Enchanting just gives you enchants to your rings, which are both 160 agi. I get that with BS with the ability to socket my gloves/bracers and i can just put 2 160 agi gems. LWing gives me a 500 agi wrist enchant. Which is only 320 over the normal bracer enchant. Which i can acquire through Serpents Eye gems. But with my current professions i cannot make my own gear. Leatherworking was looking promising due to that alone. So maybe just dropping one of my professions for LWing. But I'm not sure if it should be BS or JC honestly. BS gives me the socket for my gloves/bracers - which i can then put serpents eyes into. But LWing would give me the enchant for my bracers with 500 agi which kind of covers that. JC of course just gives me the Serpents eye gems. The bonus for JC is making the mounts and being able to make rings/necks. BS makes me nothing really, besides the belt buckle which im sure i could find somewhere else.
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