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    Which professions would you pick for a Monk?

    Leatherworking or Alchemy? I have basically every profession to a decently high level except Inscription and Leatherworking (both sitting roughly under 300). I have a 525 Skinner and Herbalist, basically I'm just stuck on what would be the best profession to pick. My current 525 alchemist is a transmute master. Which professions would you guys go with (can be something besides LWing or Alchemy if you have any recommendations) ?

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    If your mind is made up on inscription then go with Alchemy as a second.

    Mine will be Alchemy/Engineering for the best combination of personal perks - but going scribe lets you make bank on shoulder enchants and if you go Mistweaver I suppose the craftables aren't terrible for Inscription, either.

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    I am going BS and JC......trying to min max

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    Nah, I actually had not planned on going Inscription at all, wasn't sure if I wanted a gather profession again or not. I like having both crafting sometimes, but I hate running/flying past nodes and not being able to get them on my other double crafters lol.

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    Skinning and herbalism, then I'll switch those for LW and Alch down the road if that character becomes anything more than an alt.

    Also, my main (prot paladin) has mining and herbalism! /coolshades
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    What kind of brewmaster would I be if I wasn't going around collecting herbs to mix them together into potions and elixirs which I then drink?
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    I will pick herbalism and mining while levelling, and decide which profs to go for when I reach max level. Figured that changes to the professions might happen after some time, so might as well gather while levelling and then make a decission. I will level from 1-90 though, won't use RaF.

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    I would take skinning and another gathering profession. Why? Simply skinning is only gathering profession unable to be dominated by botters.

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    Going Skinning/LW, due to the fact those are the only things I need on toons.

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    Leatherworking and Enchanting or Alchemy, have yet to decide.
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    Not sure what I'll do. I still need a Skinner/LW to complete my stable of having all professions available to me, and the toon I have with that combo is currently my bulk banker (hunter level 25 ish) I'm not planning on doing anything with. Then again I know several well trained LW/Skinners in my guild, and my sister has one with pretty much every recipe in the book, so I don't really need the professions, apart from having the achie for them and completionism.

    What I've been doing is switching some toons around to have alchemy as a fixed profession, to have more transmute masters, but so far transmuting looks lackluster in Mists beyond 1 special metal. I could use a toon to make flasks for me, so that would be a consideration. As a second profession besides Alchemy I would probably consider Inscription. Milling and making inks takes a lot of space I don't actually have on my Scribe, so that would be a nice benefit. Plus if I level my Monk through quick enough there is also the Darkmoon Cards production I would be able to double up on.

    So personally going either Skin/LW or Alchemy/Inscription. Then again I'm most likely also making a Pandaren Warrior so I can simply do both if I want.

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    Planning on having LW and Skinning. Already got the other professions sorted on other characters.

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    I like Alchemy, but I am biased against Leatherworking because I hate Skinning. If you like Skinning, I'd go with Leatherworking.

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    leather working for one, not sure if I will skin or take alchemy as the second
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    If you plan on raiding then I say Leatherworking for the Drums of Speed. No other profession gives any kind of raid wide utility like Leatherworking does.

    Upside of Inscription is that its pretty cheap to get up compared to Leatherworking. Herb prices are dirt cheap right now. Not to mention its going to pretty useful now that they make the only shoulder enchants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gybano View Post
    Skinning and herbalism, then I'll switch those for LW and Alch down the road if that character becomes anything more than an alt.
    ^best advice

    Get gathering profs while levelling (skinning and herb are my favourites). Don't waste time/resources on crafting profs before they grant you any perks. Send the mats to a bank alt and use or sell them when you've made up your mind. Farming mats and levelling profs is a lot easier at end level due to flying/instance farming.
    Also by levelling crafting profession while levelling, you'll miss out a lot of free gold since you won't skin/pick flowers/mine.

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    I usually level gathering proffs while I raide a toon and then decide how "serious" I play it and might go crafting.

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    I've already got 3 alchemists and I suppose a fourth could be useful, but I'm thinking I might just go with a double gatherer. Probably skinning/herb if so.

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    If you care about min-maxing, blacksmithing right now is far more powerful than the other professions for Brewmasters and Mistweavers. Professions may still change in the beta, though.

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