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    Actually, I played on Stormrage, a pve server. I would randomly get flagged for pvp when crz started and I crossed a zone. It was a bug left over from the beta all the way back into May. It did start happening a lot less, but I was talking more about people who do play on pvp servers not being able to level bacause of cowardly 90s camping low lvl zones. I' m sure all the impotent virgins out there love how crz allows them to bully people on the game and feel like big men. Not sue why you needed CRZ to PVP on a PVP server though. Too afraid of people your own level?
    SO because of CRZ people gank lower players? Newsflash captainbadatgaming lowbies have been getting ganked since vanilla.
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    This term isn't far off, though it would need the word "scientific" in front of it.
    Quote Originally Posted by PRE 9-11 View Post
    Accessibility, ownership, availability; these are all essentially the same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lockedout View Post
    I didn't read the whole post, but now that you said that I read the rest. This guy is just someone who wants to do quests and grow turnips. You play on a PvP server you will have to fight other players.

    To answer you question of why WPVP died, it died because people like you wanted portals to everywhere and flying mounts and quality of life because you only have 30 mins to play each night before your wife or mom yells at you.
    Actually, pvp died because all you gankers were afraid of people your own level and it became pointless with BGs and arenas. And I played on a PVE server. Helps to read a post before replying to it there genius. And, my wife was in my guild and we played hours a day raiding, probably before you ever stepped foot into wow I bet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sqicychiqotles View Post
    I play on Mal'Ganis which has one of the highest Horde to Alli ratios, (with Horde being far dominant) this basically means that, before CRZ I would never see alliance even after leveling multiple characters. Now that Mal'ganis has been thrown in with Kel'thuzad (one of if not the highest alli pop server) I see alliance everywhere I go and world pvp is quite abundant.

    I've been ganked several times and had nodes stolen from me several times (the latter always happened due to being on a high pop server) but I don't care. Why? Because WoW isn't a single player game. If you don't want a game where other people can affect your gameplay than play Skyrim or any other single player rpg.

    MMORPG isn't just a pretty little title they attached to the game, you can't get mad at Blizz when they try to increase player interaction (both positive and negative) because that's the main purpose of the game.

    This post is exactly how I feel.

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    Crz is a blight and the reason my monk is only lvl 60.

    On the worst days i have to wait up to about 10 min to finish regular kill 10 mobs quests.

    Not having to fight your way through each lowbie zone is the reason i went to a low pop server in the first place.

    how wow is now on endgame. All of it happens in raids with your friends/guilds. In a cross realm dungeons or lfr. Why the hell couldnt they keep it there. Why add a shitty feature that only make it longer to level. The ones leveling is the only one even using CRZ

    all 90's are using dungeon finder, raid finder and random BG's anyways. Only time they are going through zones is to get to a raid
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    I had to play with other people in this one MMO. It was terrible.

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    i don't mind CRZ, i do mind having to wait for respawns of quest mobs that take forever. especially since people suddenly turned into uber assholes the last year or so and rather tag it right under your nose than grouping with you.

    i started a fresh panda shammy and i'm slowely levelling through outland atm. bottleneck zones like hellfire penninsula are not fun in CRZ.

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    I love that CRZ, World PvP is finally back. My Server was 10-0.2 H/A. It was dead Ally wise. No with CRZ I finally see Allys, beeing able to have some fun.

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    I quite like seeing other people around, even if they are competition as you put it.
    One cannot simply quit wow his way into Mordor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    Because it's boring to never see anyone when leveling.
    Not as boring as 15 min ress timers with 20 level 90s hovering above your corpse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Gaga View Post
    Not as boring as 15 min ress timers with 20 level 90s hovering above your corpse.
    because this is exclusive to CRZ right? This is how it was when zones had a population. We're always warned and it is assumed that pvp server = you getting your ass ganked if you aint careful or have backup.

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    Because CRZ opens up the game for many new possibilities for game changes that were not present before. Can you imagine what would be possible to do when players from various servers can be in the same zone, as well as being able to do stuff with your friends on other servers? Just think about it. Blizzard could make it possible for guilds to recruit people across servers, as well as globalizing the entire game so that there always be people to play with wherever you go, etc., etc.

    Does CRZ have problems? Yes. However, just its very existence can create new possibilities for future additions and changes to the game, which to me is what I want to see Blizzard develop further on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenjen View Post
    because this is exclusive to CRZ right? This is how it was when zones had a population. We're always warned and it is assumed that pvp server = you getting your ass ganked if you aint careful or have backup.
    Before it used to be just 1 max level retard ganking lowbies. The CRZ brought all the retards together in one spot, making some areas totally unplayable after the hours kids come home from school.

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    Personal experience is that the world doesn't feel all that more alive after you get up towards BC. And that resources are a pain in the ass to come across.

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    Quote Originally Posted by siegemaster View Post
    Personal opinion only, but I feel CRZ was Blizzard giving themselves something to point too when people complain about being on low-pop servers. Nothing more then a prop to say that they have done "something."
    That's indeed the only reason CRZ exists, to stop the whines about low-pop realms. (not sarcasm btw!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muppet Man View Post
    Sorry to start yet another thread about CRZ. I would post on the battlenet forums, but I cancelled both my accounts because I don't like paying to beta test. I am very confused why anyone would like cross realm zoning and would like to ask a few questions about it. (Aside from Real ID invites which are the only good feature of crz imo)

    Blizzard states that CRZ is to let you "see more people." Also, people say that crz allows world pvp, which usually means lvl 90s attacking lvl 30s but whatever.

    As to the first point, why would you want or need to see more people in the overworld of wow? They only represent competition for you, even players from your own faction. Do you go to the grocery store at peak hours hoping it will be super crowded? Do you choose the longest line to pay so the store "feels more alive?" Do you hope the post office has a super long line and is sold out of stamps because that makes doing your daily chores more challenging? Most people PLAY games to relax. They don’t think of them as being real or representing some desire to achieve things. I have my real life to work at. I played wow to have fun. In short, there is no advantage whatsoever to grouping in wow. In fact, grouping usually makes quests take longer and you don't get as much exp, gold, or items.

    Blizzard REMOVED almost ALL group quests years ago and now they suddenly decide you need to group while leveling? They reduced the required exp to level and added heirlooms to make it faster. You out level a zone before you even finish all the quests in the zone now! Who cares if there's no other people in Desolace or Stonetalon? If they hope to give new players (and we all know they are a very small %) a better leveling experience, jamming zones with 5-10 times the players quests can support is not the way to do it. Finally, to anyone who trolls, "WoW is an MMO", yeah I know that. I have played off and on since open beta 2004. It was an MMO before CRZ, duh. I like socializing with my guild and RL friends. I do not like socializing with asshats from other realms who come to mine for the sole purpose of causing trouble.

    Now, as to the PVP issues and people not being able to quest and level due to roving bands for max lvls camping areas like the dark portal. Many will reply, "PVP happened on a PVP server!" Yep, that is true, though unbalanced pvp like that is for the weak cowardly 90s who run to a zone phase when anyone their level shows up. My question is this, why did WPVP "die off" without CRZ? There was nothing stopping pvp on pvp servers before CRZ. Oh, I see, without all the new low level toons to gank and grief on other servers, world pvp wasn't "fun."

    I also find it funny that most of the low population realms are pvp realms, yet pve realms have to suffer through crz just so max level cowards can warp around and kill people 30-40 levels below them without even worrying about help coming because with crz, who knows what server the help will end up on. World pvp died for a reason, it was pointless and took away from the pve experience. PVP has battlegrounds and arenas. The game didn't even have pvp at launch! It was added as an afterthought! To design "features" around it is absurd given that the vast majority of players roll on pve servers.

    Ok, well that was my vent. Again, I actually followed through on my threat to quit, as did many in my guild. I think anyone who believes CRZ was introduced for the players is very naive. Clearly this is some sort of money saving scheme. It is not logical to introduce CRZ now after years of entirely antithetical changes to remove any need to group while leveling. I think if something is not done about CRZ and all the bugs, wow is going to lose millions of players when APs run out and into next year. Maybe I'm wrong, time will tell.
    Lol you have gone way too far about even up to millions quitting, there is only few complaining, lets say even up to 5000 people complained on forums, do you really think a billion dollar company gives a crap about losing 5000 players including you and your friends? Guess what, they don't give a crap. People complain about everything that was announced on wow, LFR, Lowering difficulty of dungeons,when MoP was announced... guess what there was a thread about every single one of them and the out come is... we don't give a crap. So adapt to new mechanics or quit and stop wasting your time.

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    I love CRZ. I don't like to PVP very often so I play on a PVE server, in a PVE battle group...and guess what...I haven't had to world pvp once, leveling my monk from 1-90, doing dailies, or anything. CRZ doesn't force you to WPVP if you're on PVE servers, so that complaint is moot. I love seeing other players. I leveled 1-90 in 3 Days 20 Hours of play time, 92 hours. It was fast, I rarely waited for mobs, and I had no issues with CRZ.

    I seriously believe all the people complaining have barely played MoP, or made the mistake of rolling on a PVP server, and not wanting to PVP.

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    guys who gank ppl 20 vs 5 like it... the guys getting ganked 5 vs 20 hates it. Blizzard had problems with ppl QQ'ing about server that are dead and they had 3 options
    1. Close those servers and let ppl migrate to servers that are medium(after closing servers there would be rumors that wow is dying because they close servers)
    2. leave player there and force them to migrate
    3. add this retard CRZ and put low servers with high servers and force ppl to migrate who don't like it
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    I like having things to stab for a change!

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