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    best proffesions for monk

    What is the best proffesions for monks for goldmaking, i am currently lv 20

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    LW and JC. Hands down.
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    monks have very good mobility running from pack to pack. I would recommend tailoring/alch, farming cloths and using treasure finding pots in deepholm. Not to mention the cd's both profs bring. I would hold off on farming mop stuff until golden lotus prices drop for the mop version of treasure finding.

    That is if you want to go out in the world to farm. If you like to afk in ah and queue for bg's/heroics, go with something like jc/alch.

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    This just in...you can make gold with any profession...just depends if you want to grind mats or sit at the AH.

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    pvp power and int, which is more important?

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    i have jc on my other char so should i take herb/alc or alc/lw or ski/lw

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    Always depending on what you want, i will get engineering and jc .. dont care what is 'best', that is more important if you raid with top 25 world guilds xD

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    cant decide between herbiing/alc or skinning/lw

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