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    Questions RE: Account Deactivation

    Well, after 6 years of slaying the baddest bosses and grinding rep all over the place, I'm hanging up my toons. Was really looking forward to MoP, but some of the changes just ruined the game for me. Although they are seemingly minor things, I just don't like playing anymore.

    Before I pull the plug, a couple questions:

    When I deactivate my account, what happens to it?
    Does Blizz hold it in limbo for some amount of time, in case I want to reactivate at some point? If so, how long?
    What should I do with my gold?
    Should I sell my account? or is that a scam?
    Anything else?


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    The account simply becomes frozen until you add more game time. It will essentially be kept forever exactly as you left it. Because of that, you can hold onto your gold, or give it away if you want.

    Selling accounts is against the rules and is a pretty bad idea if you think you might ever want to come back to the game.

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    At the risk of devolving this thread into a giant trollfest... which changes exactly?

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    Well, like I said these seem like minor things, but here goes...

    1. Don't like the new rendering of the toons.

    2. Same with rendering of the environment, has lost the feeling of atmospheric depth. Sharper is not always better. Feels less like a "world" and more like a cartoon to me. I'm surprised how much this bothers me, but it does.

    3. Talent tree has been so dumbed down its ridiculous.

    4. Spell effects, weapon enchant glows - Bright colors, overly obvious effects are too cartoony, and even interfere with game play visibility.

    5. Spell rotation changes. Was this really broken?

    6. I hate the changes to Shaman totem system

    7. Lack of a goal. What is the point of all this running around? Wrath had LK, Cata had DW, MoP has: "what is worth fighting for?" Well... what? I don't know.

    Like I said, seems like minor stuff, but all of a sudden I'm not digging it at all. Took me totally by surprise as I was as hyped as anyone for MoP, was even going to take a week off work to level and gear up, but when the changes hit, it knocked me out like a ton of bricks. Weird but true.


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    If you think you'll definitely be gone, I would give gold/items to a friend who would appreciate it. Leave some for yourself in case you ever do come back (they always do)

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