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    Tier 75 Talents and which is best when.

    I have a question that i could use some help answering...When is each of the 3 talents at lvl 75 best? Like for single target fights would SW be better or would HA? I could use some help with this and it would be greatly appreciated. thanks for your help guys ^^

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    Is this for Ret? If so, either Holy Avenger or Sanctified Wrath would be acceptable; I, personally, use HA as, when paired with Wings, the damage output is phenomanal. The fact that the CDs don't align sucks, but the first burn is nasty. However, SW will be the clear winner come 4pT14 when Wings is on like a minute and a half CD. You didn't mention it, but Divine Purpose, I think, would be best on a long, Deathwing-style fight where the RNG element can even itself out to a net gain.
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    For what spec?

    All three are close in DPS (1-2% variance, shouldn't matter unless you're in a world first guild), encounter-dependent and personal preference. SW interacts with wings, Holy Avenger for burst healing/survivability/dps, DP for smoothing out damage intake, less on-demand burst healing/dps. If you are ret and have t14 4p, than SW will pull out ahead.

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    thanks so much you guys! and yes it was for Ret, sorry I didn't make it clear

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    I ran Divine Purpose for the first two weeks of MoP. Switched to HA last night. After about 10 pulls and learning the management of the cooldown for specific fights (Stone Guard, Feng) I found myself coming close to topping the meters most pulls. I'd reccomend HA.
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    This is a solid discussion thread and honestly I think a lot have to do with your guild and how they do pulls as well as the fight. I've tested pretty much all T5 talents and haven't really come up with 1 that is always the top talent.

    The Stone Guard
    This fight is pretty random, Definitely based on raid setup and how they want it done. I haven't done heroic mainly because of raid makeup things of that nature so I don't know for this fight yet. However out of the top 5 Ret Parses.

    #1, #2 - Sanctified Wrath, #3, #4 & #5 - Holy Avenger

    Feng the Accursed
    Feng I tried a number of different T5 talents, I'm not really sure what gave me the best parse as there were a lot of stupid wipes so I never really got to figure that one out. My kill I used Divine Purpose for the first normal kill and on the Heroic kill I used Divine Purpose as well but this next coming week I'm going to test out SW. However with the big weapon change it's going to skew the results.

    #1 - Sanctified Wrath, #2, #3, #4 - Holy Avenger, #5 - Divine Purpose

    Gara'jal the Spiritbinder
    These Parses will be messed up for a while due to the phases however I used Sanctified Wrath.

    #1, #2, #3 - Sanctified Wrath, #4, #5 - Holy Avenger

    The Spirit Kings
    I like this fight and went with Sanctified Wrath as well, No Parse I got blinded by Light of Dawn DMC trinket and died like a baddie! ( I hate that trinket )

    #1, #4, #5 - Sanctified Wrath, #2, #3 - Holy Avenger

    Yet another fight where depending on raid strategy you could be top or down towards the bottom. I went with Divine Purpose as I was on an add alone a lot and I had to make sure it died before it got to the edge. Divine Purpose gave me better control on add killing without using CD's.

    #1 - Sanctified Wrath, #2, #4 - Holy Avenger, #3, #5 - Divine Purpose

    Will of the Emperor
    Great fight as long as your range is controlling the adds, nothing more annoying than an add walking from the back of the room to the bosses and dazing you when you are trying to dodge devastating arc slashes

    #1 - Holy Avenger, #2, #5 - Divine Purpose, #3, #4 - Sanctified Wrath

    So after looking through all these parses it still all leads up to what your job is on which fight as for what is going to be best to use. Not all guilds are going to do the fight the same way and some Rets will get jobs others will never see. For instance #2 Will of the Emperor Ret Parse top damage is Divine Storm so they had a Ret just sitting in the packs of adds and cleaving them down.

    I think we can agree in 4PC T14 Sanctified Wrath will be the top T5 talent and nothing will come close to it. Until that time it's pretty hit or miss but Sanctified Wrath seems to be the clear winner in most cases.
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