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    [Arms t14] Hjalp, imma Baddie :(


    went dps for Spirit Kings (normal) yesterday (MS is prot) and felt confident about putting out good numbers pre-fight, but performed worse than bad during the encounter. /ashamed

    Some things I did wrong:
    a) forgot to reforge my dps gear properly pre-fight because I forgot I had replaced a piece (was slightly under hit cap and .30 over expertise cap).
    b) was still using Stam flask 'cause I was too cheap to replace it for one fight (1k str loss)
    c) CD usage was terribad: popped Avatar + reck + SkB at the wrong time and lost almost 30% of their uptimes. Also didn't line them up properly later on. DC uptime was low and inopportunistic. I prioritized HS over Slam a few times when I shouldn't have.
    d) Got hit by Pillage once, forgivable for my first time in the encounter, but still bad.
    e) My Heroic Leap usage (esp. given that i'm glyphed for it) was abysmal.

    My question, and I ask this quite broadly, what would the arms warriors more experienced with this fight suggest beyond fixing the above:
    a) Avatar vs SB vs BB on this fight? methinks BB should be best?
    b) any specific tips/tricks for the various sub-bosses? Charge usage, Heroic Leap usage, Die by the Sword, etc.
    c) Execute phases don't really last that long, should I be pooling rage for it once the bosses get sub 30%?

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    Bloodbath, just doing my normal rotation and ranked 1st in world of logs.

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    On Spirit Kings it is vital to look at what abilities the bosses are going to do soon and plan accordingly for CD usage. I'm not going to list when you should use what as that would be a waste of time, you should look at your DBM/whatever yourself, and use CDs if you have enough time and uptime on boss to spend doing damage during that duration.

    BB is best as it's a long fight and 12 seconds is a much more efficiently used duration on this fight because of various boss abilities that leave you not being able to dps them at times, i.e Pillage, moving to avoid Flanking Orders, etc.

    HL is best to be used when you don't need to Charge for Rage. You can try using it on cooldown with a special tactic, has stuff to do with standing at a particular place and using your camera, don't ask me what that is, I haven't tried it yet.

    Execute phases don't last long but you should use them as efficiently as you can as it's the best way to get a rank on WoL, if you're really interested in that sort of thing. Try to start pooling in Rage at around 25%, should be easy as Arms unlike Fury where you have only 2 free attacks.

    Ideally, if your guild is almost reaching Enrage timers, then you should try to ensure that you have all your CDs up for the 4th boss and just burst him down with Hero and Pot.

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    thanks for the replies , esp. Kalj.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turskanaattori View Post
    Bloodbath, just doing my normal rotation and ranked 1st in world of logs.
    Link pls,

    /10 char

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trubadix View Post
    Link pls,

    /10 char

    Seems like I've dropped a rank since.

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