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    Fastest way to level 85-90?

    Hey guys, I just have a quick question:

    I bought MoP rerolled a Brewmaster Monk and hit 87 yesterday. Now I'm wondering how I can level the fastest way possible? Dungeons, questing or something else? I heard about something with farming turtels for 100k exp/minute?

    Could you give me some tips? Would be really awesome!

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    Depends on your style of play - if you don't burn out farming the same radius of 40 yards, the turtle grind is in north-eastern Vally of the Four Winds, at the pools of purity. The pool at the top got the small turtles.

    Other than that, doing quests and doing each dungeon once (for the quests) should be fastest. I'm on my 4th, seems to be fastest to move on to the next area as soon as you can, often quests stack best in the beginning of each zone.

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    well if you can pull A LOT of mobs (8-10 at least) without die then you can grind AoE

    but most probably at 90 you might want to buy Valor gear, and you need reputation for that so i highly suggest you to quest in the correct zones for that:
    - skip jade forest, 4W, Krasarang asap, no entrylevel valor rep there (you can do them after)
    - Dread Wastes (Klaxxi)
    - do the eternal blossom opening chain (starts at the temple of the tiger in kun-lai)
    - Steppes (Shado-pan)
    - now you have time for other zones

    if you have throubles questing at dread wastes (at 87 some quests might not be available, haven't tested) then move to the steppes for one level
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    Thank you for your help!

    About mob-grinding: I'm able to pull as many mobs as I want, I simply can not die as a monk tank (tried it with 15+ mobs - no problem), but I'm scared that I don't reach the needed reputation for better gear when I'm hitting level 90

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    Yes the grinding the mobs is much faster if u live, and you can always buy armor on the AH......... for enough Ilvl to do Heroics.

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