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    World of Warcfraft + Chrome OS

    So for those who don't know Google is coming out with an operating systen. Different than what with have seen being that it has no hard drivve and everything is stored online. With all the changes with players being able to stream WoW you guys think well see WoW on Chrome OS?

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    You still download and store the WoW data you "stream." They just call it streaming because you can play it while it's doing that.


    Also it depends on what sort of kernel they use. Likely, it will be Linux (if they don't roll their own, which is a possibility), as it follows their open-source philosophy. So, again, no.

    (This is all even assuming of course it gets rooted/hacked to the point of actually allowing stuff to run natively and not through the browser-OS itself, which is an admittedly high probability)
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    Isn't ChromeOS designed to run everything in a browser environment? If it is, it's never going to happen.

    Either way, the OS is meant for netbooks, not for desktops, so it's probably not a good idea anyway.

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    Not gonna happen.

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    So now Google wants to have access to your harddrive too, huh?
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    Yeah, at first glance I'd seriously doubt WoW would run on any kind of Chromium. While it is Linux-based, the OS was designed as a thin client and most likely the hardware you're going to see running Chrome won't support WoW anyhow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dassen View Post
    So now Google wants to have access to your harddrive too, huh?
    It's going to be designed for portable devices that won't have any other OS on it anyway. And they already have several pieces of software now that could theoretically give them access to your harddrive anyway.

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    I have ran WoW on Linux via WINE many times it as consistently ran faster that way I may add. So, the real question is will the chrome OS support WINE

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