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    It's not worth selling it anymore on most realms, however buying it is a different story. On EU Silvermoon you can buy the kill of Alani for between 20-30k gold.

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    Nah I wouldn't buy it. Even if I could afford. (Don't get me wrong, I WANT THAT MOUNT, I'm just not willing to invest gold in it)
    I would sell it though! Does that count?

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    No, its not that great.

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    Yes i would and have, i bought one of the very first alani's on maelstrom EU for no more than 80k, money well spent

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    It goes for 30k on my server

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    No way, the August Celestials mount is the same thing just golden, and you get a red cloud serpent from an achieve. I would however love the sjy shards to not be soulbound. I don't see myself ever getting all 10 and would like to sell what I have. I understand why they are though, if myself and everyone else could sell their unwanted shards the mount wouldn't really be special or rare.

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    I believe that mount goes for around 75k on my server, but yes. I would sell it since it's not that great looking of a mount and I could use the money then for something that I would use more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerofpope View Post
    The shards aren't THAT rare. Doing GL dailies last night 3 dropped while grouped up. I only won 2 of them, but I've only seen Ashes drop 1 or 2 times since BC has been released. To say they are that rare is insane.
    3 chars at exalted, not one shard dropped.
    Not rare you say? Insane.
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    I finally got him after a couple of weeks farming, after getting him it was the August Celestials rep I found the grindiest >.<




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    Probably not, its a nice mount but it costs to much for me, spending 75k on a mount is not something i would do at the moment.

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    I love the mount, but TBH I think it is easier to get than Aeonaxx or time Lost, it is a simple matter of you killing things in the vale for a long time, your not compelling with anyone else, it's just farming.

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    I might buy it, but before, now that with 5.2 the shards are BoA, I'll get exalted with GL on all alts and check if I'm close to 10 shards.
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    My total money in my main's server can't even go over 30k gold so definitely a no. In addition I've always been picky with spending gold.

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    Am I the only person that just really doesn't like the cloud serpent mounts at all?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Evisiling View Post
    I finally got him after a couple of weeks farming, after getting him it was the August Celestials rep I found the grindiest >.<

    I still think it's the worst looking cloud serpent mount, though. :/

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    I personally wouldn't just because i'm not a fan of the looks/color combo, though i'm sure many would and for quite a bit.
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    I'm on a low pop server and I've seen people sell it for 80k. I think its a reasonable price if you like me have no intention of playing a hunter ever.

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    Im on low pop/medium server and one of my guildies got another 10 shards together and I payed him 40k to get the mount. Think that was fair. I have 3 shards and I'm not doing much dailies and stuff at the moment - but I also love mounts and pets (oh guess why I chose that name) so we were both happy.

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    No because I can just farm it myself in my own time. I only have 1 crystal however.

    I do really want the Crimson Cloud Serpent from Panda Hero but I can NEVER find a run for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vellerix View Post
    Am I the only person that just really doesn't like the cloud serpent mounts at all?
    You're not alone!
    Though, I really don't like how anything looks in this game now, too colorful, like a game for girls, I could only go through Dread Wastes without feeling silly.

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