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    I wouldn't be caught dead paying more than like 15k for this thing and even then it's a stretch because all it becomes is a +1 to the mount count.

    Cloud serpents are hideous and riding one is obnoxious.

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    I really dislike the Wind Serpent mount models so that's a big nope from me.
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    since i can't get over the fact that the snakes shake like crazy and i allways get that feeling that i wana puke .. no i don't need another dragon

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    even i collect mounts i'd never pay for it. neither i would ride it nor i'd go insane to collect the's not worth it

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    Someone's been trying to sell one for days for 80k. The flying snakes just look bad, really really bad.

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    Like somebody else already said; since it doesn't have a unique model I wouldnt pay a penny. Besides, I like the onyx serpent and the august celestial serpent a lot more than that ugly mount :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by the front page
    * Skyshards are now Bind on Account.
    Yay I can start Golden Lotus rep on my alts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dinobatbird View Post
    That would be a bargain. I believe it would sell for much higher than 150k. If I were to sell it, which I would not, I would start at 500k and slowly move backwards from there.
    not where i play there are not rare there everyone has it sells for 50-70k atm

    and me ? i would pay nothing its a copie of all the other serpent exept for the fancy lightning
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    No, besides the fact that there are much cheaper alternatives for the model I think the cultural adaptation is incredibly stupid and I would never pay for a mount that looks like a popular tool in chinese new year celebrations. To each his own I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theholypally View Post
    I wouldn't buy it but id sell it to some of the rich bastards on my server for like 600k+ lol.

    Hell, the mount from august celestials is the same thing as alani.
    600k hahahahahhah

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    Quote Originally Posted by dinobatbird View Post
    I don't think 500k is too far off, at least at first. Why would anyone try to sell this mount for a little more than the cost of the most expensive ground mount in the game? What exactly is your definition of unique?
    well it's going for ~100k on allot of servers.

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    I paid 75k on US-Stormreaver Horde for mine back in November. I use it all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by High King Argorothiis View Post
    according to wowhead at in the future the alani mount ( thunering ruby cloud serpent) will be avaliable for purchase possibly from august celestials quatermaster
    If you mean the "requires Auguest Celestials Exalted" part, its been that way since it came out. If you WERE to get the 10 skyshards in a day, you would still need to hit exalted with the Augest Celestials in order to learn it. Dunno why though.
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    I wouldnt sell nor pay for alani, but rather farm the shards myself

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    The dragons themselves aren't that bad of a model, but the riding animation is just so non-sensical that I never use any of my OotCS mounts. Naturally, I'd never pay for one that's slightly a different color with magical sparklies shooting out of it.
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    Although I didn't get one single shard so far (after leveling 3 chars to exalted with the Golden Lotus), I still would not pay even 10k gold for it.
    There are enough other cloud serpent mounts with much, much nicer colour schemes around.

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    No, I would not buy it, however I would sell it for a nice amount of gold

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    I bought it for 30k on EU-Silvermoon. There's a guy that's selling them about once per week.
    Don't like the model that much but mount is a mount. 30k isnt any big deal when gold capped on 1 char.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esubane View Post
    I bought it for 30k on EU-Silvermoon. There's a guy that's selling them about once per week.
    Don't like the model that much but mount is a mount. 30k isnt any big deal when gold capped on 1 char.
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    It's all based on luck, just like ashes. I got 1 skyshard from getting Golden Lotus to Exalted while my friend wasn't even revered when he got his 10 shards. Some people get ashes on their first run. This still makes it rare.

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    not worth the gold not even copper
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