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    Hell no. It has to be one of the ugliest mounts in the game IMO. They should've made it with a spectral-like head like the ones you get from raiding I believe.

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    I wouldn't pay money for it. That defeats the whole idea of it being a challenge. I like the mounts that people look at and say "Wow, he has something cool! He must have worked pretty hard for that mount." Alani is one of those for me, not to mention that I love the look.
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    Some one is always selling that mount for 25k ish on Uther-US
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    I advertised selling a kill today - highest offer I got was 30k.

    Not as much as I would have hoped, decided to kill it for myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luminalol View Post
    Id sell it if i had the crystals, i do have 6 Skyshards at the moment, and i haven't actually "farmed" for them, skipped a few dailys now and then with Lotus and i am 2k / 21k with Lotus.

    If id sell it, it would go for 100-150k.
    Oh boo! I'm exalted with GL, and have even done more dailies there with friends or for the VP/Coins, and i haven't seen a single shard

    And i don't think anyone on my server has it yet :P

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    I wouldnt, its not even a Heavenly serpent, just a regular Thundering.

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    I only got 1 shard on my way to exalted with Golden lotus And no i wouldn't pay to get it, i don't really like the cloud serpents much.
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    I have 2 Golden Lotus exalted characters and I havn't drop any crystal shard... I might consider buying one if the price drops below 50k. Currently, vendors try to sell it around 100k on my server but seeing the messages on the /2, they have some difficulties finding any buyers.

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    never i actually just finished up farming the shards last night. Made 55k just off drops while i was farming them, totally not worth paying for. (troublemakers in the village when theyre phased were gold to farm with pots of luck)

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    It's not hard to farm them up; just tedious. I farmed my 10 for my mount and I have another 5 in my bags. One of these days I'll farm the other 5 and probably give the mount away to a friend or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by janny View Post
    its bop , I think it cant be sold
    Yes, you can sell it.
    Invite the buyer to your group, kill Alani, have him loot the mount -> profit.

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    Nah, I wouldn't pay for it. If I really wanted it, I would just farm the shards myself. Still need to work on getting GL to exalted on my hunter anyway.

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    8 Shards atm, I would never pay for or sell this mount, I spent one day (not even a full day, nowhere near) farming shards and got 5, then a few days later I spent my entire spare day farming tricksters, for 11-12 hours disclosing food and toilet breaks and such, and got a grand total of 0 shards.

    RNG is horrible. I may get back to it at some point after I've done Ravenholdt revered.
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    The one from August Celestials exalted looks the best if you ask me. Only got 2/10 shards at the moment but I intend to farm for it myself once i'm finally done with reps and money making.
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    Yeah, totally. But it'd be just another mount that I'd never use.
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    I just won't let myself spend excessive amounts of gold on a single mount. But I would consider buying it for 10k or less if someone sold it that low.

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    1 crystal after getting 1 character to revered and the other to exalted. dont think its happening any time soon that way but its not worth the ~150k to me

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    Nope, i don't care for any of the serpent mounts. They look great, bu i hate how it looks like my characters are constantly about to fall off.

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    One of the ugliest mounts in the game imo. Would never pay.

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    I've gotten 3 toons to exalted with GL without seeing a single shard drop. I still wouldn't buy the mount though...I'd probably sell it though, if I had the chance.
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