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    (H)-Supernatural- Vek'nilash 10 man Raiding LF 2 Healers.

    (Horde Vek'nilash)Supernatural is a 10 man raiding guild newly formed a new semi-hardcore/casual team with 6/6 MV & 3/6 HoF experienced raiders; we are looking for raiders to join our progression team.


    '-A player with dedication to the Raid team and guild with 100% attendance to the raids, we want you to know you can make 4 days a week of raiding and reconsider this before joining the team. We want dedicated raiders that give 100% of themselves meanwhile raiding. You can skip a raid if it’s a personal situation and by previously had discussed it to the raid leader.

    - Raid experienced players, it doesn’t need to be of the actual expansion, but we require for our semi-hard core team to have experienced players.

    -Knowledge of your class, (Reforge, Spec, Gear) we want players that they know their class well so they can push in raid progression their best. To know the best variety of cool downs, rotations for each different fight, it’s always a plus for a kill.

    -A Mature attitude and be around 18 or a bit less (not less than 16). We want mature players that they don’t whine meanwhile progression or annoy any of the other raiders. Also players must accept criticism from part of their raid leader if any of them are doing something wrong.

    - Join our Voice program meanwhile raiding. We require any of the raid members to be part of our voice program server for communication meanwhile raiding and you should have a stable internet connection. We don’t want people that Disconnect in the middle of a raid.

    - Speak English, as our team is a mix of people around Europe we keep the language English to everyone understand each other.

    Raid days
    Monday 20.00-23.00
    Wednesday 20.00-23.00
    Thursday 20.00-23.00
    Sunday 20.00-23.00

    What we offer you.
    We offer you a nice progression team with good humor but when it comes to progression we want 100% of your dedication meanwhile having fun.
    We give flasks and food to our raiders.

    We’re a guild with casual players, good humour and friendly social players. We got events for all members in the week a part of the raid schedule. Also for casual raiders there’s a forum post for them.

    If you want to apply, you have our website in supernaturalveknilash.wowstead. If you don’t have an account you can always send the following application via asking me online via battletag Krisette23#2181

    LF 2 healers to join our raid team.

    Monk (High)
    Priest (Low)
    Druid ( High)
    Shamman (High)

    Other classes considered.
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