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    [H] <Blueprint> 10 Man Semi-Hardcore on Tarren Mill

    Hello, <Blueprint> is a newly formed 10 man raiding guild located on the Horde side of Tarren Mill.
    The guild is a level 25 semi-hardcore guild with the aim to clear heroic content, we are looking for dedicated players to join our team

    We are in need of the following to make a full team:

    1 healer dps off spec
    1 Range dps

    If you are of a class not mentioned above, please do not hesitate to apply, we are always looking for exceptional players.

    Guild Info:

    Raid Days are Wednesday, Sunday, Monday with a possibility of a 4th day should we want to push progression.
    Raid Times will be 20:00 - 23:30 server time with a 15 minuite break at approx 22:00
    We aim to keep a small roster and would like to have people who can raid 100% as we only raid 3 nights

    Loot system: We would like to keep it simple and do rolling and expect players to have a friendly approach and not be greedy,
    spread the loot equally. The loot order is simple Main spec > Off spec > Transmog

    We use Teamspeak 3 so it is a requirement that you have this aswell as a mic and are not shy about speaking.
    Trials will last approx two weeks, during this period you are not eligable for loot unless noone else needs it.

    the guild website is blueprint.guildlaunch.com (please note its still a working progress)

    Contact: Slîck on Tarren Mill for info
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    updated post, online now if people need info

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    online now if anyone needs info, message here or in game

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    updated information

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    updated post and online if people need info

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    updated post, message if your interested

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    udated post, online if you need any info

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    online if anyone needs info

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