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    [Balance] Elegon Orbs (phase 2)

    I'm having issues with Elegon's Orbs (the "Energy Charge" adds on phase 2) and the fact how our dps varies based on our eclipses. First two orbs are easy, 3rd is okay if I'm in an eclipse and 4th gets really hard if I don't get a crit while in an eclipse. Also noticed that on 4rd orb if I'm not in lunar it gets really hard (i.e. solar's single tar damage is lower than lunar). Since I was the only one having trouble with 4rth phase I started saving my Celestial Alignment cd to that 4rth orb, but doing it so it damages my overall damage done since I'm not popping it at start (well, as I'm getting out of the first lunar eclipse with pot and incarnation up) and having to wait almost 1.5 minute to use it (when phase 2 orbs are up)...

    My toon: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...druid/advanced
    Logs from our attempts: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/xduwniipdmgul6l0/

    So I'm curious on how many add cycles are you guys being able to handle as Balance and how are you guys doing it so.


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    Don't use dots on them except the 1st and maybe the second, you can easily get eclipse using AC if you need it.

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    Keep DoTs on Elegon for Starsurge procs, you can take about 80% of the Orbs HP with a SS crit. And as Mudkiper said use AC to always be in an eclipse.

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    It is also worth noting that you should be planting mushrooms as he's casting Draw Power and detonating them upon the energy charges being released. This can, if placed right and exploded right, hit all 6 off the bat. I try to be in solar for this obviously.

    As stated above, AC is a great tool for this fight as well.

    And as for your question, when we do 25, I can handle killing 4 just fine (that's all we go for, 5 stacks, 4 orbs).
    10 man, I can kill 5, but that 5th one gets SUUUUPER close sometimes.
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    have the same issue, gonna try to dot less .

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    Tell tank on your side to help you out. I am sure that will help you alot. Try to Hurricane/AS one or two ticks, every bit of damage helps.

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    when each of them charges spawns you need to target them immediately - even if it means you have to interrupt cast on elegon (interrupting not necessary for 1st and 2nd add cos you have plenty of time). Since you keep your dots on elegon you should get SS proc from this (unless you get unlucky). if you get SS proc and add is not there yet you should save this SS for add (not use it on elegon), you can also save your starfall for 4 th wave even if it means not using it on CD, and/or even if it s not eclipsed.

    using astral communion I consider a waste of dps time, instead of that you can just spam wrath/starfire on boss to get to the eclipse

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    Astral Communion to stay in Eclipse.
    Dots constantly on Elegon for SS Procs.
    Shrooms in center to hit a set of 3.

    Sometimes it's just luck with SS procs.

    Also, what hte hell, mastery gems? Why
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    Even if you aren't balance, in general on the 4th orb, you have to target it and start attacking it asap. Stop whatever you're doing on elegon and switch. If you, for example are half way through a cast on Elegon and the orb pops up and you wait, you may not have the dps to get it down in time. You can also have a tank help as well as Miloslav said.

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    Eh.. says you are 489 equipped and you are having issues?

    Get rid of your int/mastery and int/spirit... Replace with crit and haste gems. You do know haste break point is 5273 and you are almost 5% over hit.. You need to reforge your stats right and gem your gear better.

    Other than that like people said before. Keep dots on boss, don't dot orbs. Use SS procs on orbs. AC to eclipse state. If starfall is up.. use it...

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    keep dots on elegon

    hold your SS proc for the spark if you're having trouble with it

    just use the eclipsed dot, if anything

    as a tank to help you out. boomkin is not the best at that part of the fight.

    edit: your gearing is very weird. (maybe you are wearing some resto pieces?)
    20% hit?
    mastery gems?

    should be:
    red socket - crit/exp or haste/exp
    blue - haste/spi or crit/spi
    yellow - haste or crit

    reforge for 15% hit, 5273 haste, then all crit
    or, if you don't like the haste plateau, just go all crit
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    Just do the elcipsed dot if even that

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    Lol not sure why this thread was bumped but yea my MS is resto so that's why such weird stats

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    Quote Originally Posted by land View Post
    Lol not sure why this thread was bumped but yea my MS is resto so that's why such weird stats
    If you're not willing to re-gem/reforge or make a separate set of gear, do not be surprised if you are having DPS issues. It's a DPS check for a reason, and you're sub-optimal DPS running gear with resto reforges/gems.

    That being said, this thread is a few months old, and I'm going to guess that after two months, normal Elegon probably isn't a challenge anymore, closing the thread.
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