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    VP items

    I was wondering if there is a list of vp/389 ilvl items that are available upon hitting exalted with respective factions.. i know klaxxi gives u a ring and golden lotus gives u a neckpiece but not sure about others.

    I wont be raiding anytime soon so getting 389 ilvl items from a normal raid is out of question.. someone here mentioned that getting shoulder vp is the best choice since there wont be any shoulder upgrade till 2nd or 3rd raid opens up. how about other items?

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    he also meant through a final quest

    ie: golden lotus gives a 489 neck
    klaxxi gives a 489 ring

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    Oh. My bad. I didn't even know there was a final quest that gave a VP item. lol

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    Belt options as well, are not available in MgV LFR. Best to spend the Valor on one of those, or wait for the new LFRs, as plenty of belt options are available in that tier.

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