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    I'd love to see scenarios that can be scaled for number of people and difficulty. For example, if I have 6 friends who want to go, we'd select 6 players from a dropdown before queueing, or just look at how many are in the party/raid.

    In LOTRO, scenarios (called skirmishes) have scaleable difficulty as well, so more difficult = more badges, or Valor in WoW's case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glowpipe View Post
    14 kills. 12 in 25 man and 2 in 10 man. Guess we can put the discussion to rest now about whats easiest. The numbers have spoken
    No they haven't. Most of the top tier guilds are 25m. Paragon said it themselves during tier 11 back when you saw few 10m kills. That the kills required a lot of min/maxing and class stacking and most of the guilds that have those options available to them are running 25m.

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    10 and 25 are competitive and challenging in their own rights

    There are two categories, world first 25 and world first 10 man.
    There is no longer a world first overall, both sizes have their obstacles and they are too dissimilar to compare.

    The reason more 25 man heroics have been cleared is a simple one, more raiders prefer 25. Paragon themselves said they would be raiding 25 if they could field a team. 25 has been the focus for so long, most of the skilled players still raid 25.

    You don’t have many 10 man guilds with the same caliber of player.

    And I’m not saying if the 25 guilds raided 10 they would clear it any faster, I’m just saying more skilled players are currently raiding 25 than 10 man right now.

    I don’t even know if people are trolling or not anymore.. I give up.

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    I just finished watching both the Blood Legion and Method kill videos. I was impressed with both of their executions and noticed the different ways their respective raid teams handled adds. I was particularly impressed with Method's use of Gorefiend's Grasp + AoE stun to stack adds perfectly for burning them down. Blood Legion may not be a top 3 kill, but it was still a video for MMO to post. I believe Method has an agreement with Wowhead, so Curse probably couldn't post it here.

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Raiders run out of Valor purchases quickly and other players are probably progressing at a much slower pace than you expect.
    Yeah it's not like half of the Valor Items are BiS @ ILVL 489...

    Oh wait...

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    Why is LFR the best way to get valor points? 45 for the clear + the bosses beats out even doing them on normal/heroic
    I have seen very few raiders have trouble capping valor for the week.


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    I'm happy as long as there is an option to turn those voices off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pacer View Post
    Wanna know whats even more funny? When paragon got worlds first the screenshot stayed on the front page for about 50 mins the frontpage was quickly filled with a bluepost about some random shit so you couldnt see paragons kill on top anymore )))))

    Paragon kill by chaud Published on 2012-10-11 05:04 PM
    Random Blue post by Boubouille Published on 2012-10-11 05:54 PM

    Even worse is the method kill which is half way through some super long post so the people who only look at the top of the page never saw that on the front page.

    Im not sure why mmoc has such a bias towards US guilds, boubouille is from france so he should be rooting for the EU guilds right?
    Indeed, I guess it's time to find a more unbiased site to visit when it comes to WoW because this shit is just pathetic and unfair to the real winners. But it comforts me that Blood Legion must be still raging at each other for all the preparation they did on beta and still not being able to win. They they made a huge fuss about how they would win and that they thought they were the most prepared guild coming into this (yeah right), Paragon and Method says hi!

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    Those PvP voices sound awful.

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    BL front page? Lol No Method nor Paragon coverage? What the hell is this?

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    I like how people say BL released their video before Method and are mad about that. When Method actually released theirs first.... It's funny how fast hear say travels. The dates are on the videos. Method is sponsored by wowhead, they can't use competitors content.

    Also what happened to all the guild's Spirit King videos?
    This battle will no longer sometimes end prematurely.
    O yea this hotfix the day after most of the guilds killed it.

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    Pvp Announcers

    I like the idea that they copy KOTOR PVP Announcers,
    But somethings been bugging me why do the Announcers sound so familiar...
    Like I heard them before. And I mean in the good way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shifthappens View Post
    Blizz "hey guys lets make some useless PVP sounds instead of balancing PVP"
    "Hey guys, let's bitch some more about PVP when it's technically impossible to balance it in a MMO".

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