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    Make SURE everyone is properly gemmed, reforged and enchanted.

    Make SURE everyone has enough pots to pre-pot and pot again during Frenzy phase (<20%).

    Use Hero/BL/TW at the start of the fight. Don't enter totems until it is over.

    Don't always send 3 people down. Send only one dps and a healer when there's a low number of adds.

    Make sure your healers refresh Spiritual Innervation on the DPS right before they leave the Spirit World.
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    We did it like this:

    - 3 healers 2 tanks 5 dps.
    - Bloodlust at start
    - 2 dps and 1 healer goes in, rotating which ones depending on who was just in and who has voodoo doll. It's preferrable for dps who was just inside spirit realm to get uptime on the boss instead of going back in.
    - Make sure the healer in the spirit realm spamheals the DPS even after they are full health, this will stack their damage buff higher and healer will get mana back when he exits.
    - About 2 minutes into the fight we started running out of adds to kill in the spirit realm so we only went with 1 dps and 1 healer every 2nd totem to get better uptime on boss
    - With ~30% left on boss we just stacked and burned, we left the last totem just sitting there, with 3 healers you can afford it.

    Boss died about 15 seconds before enrage, average ilvl in my group should be around 466-467

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    - Make sure to only go with 2 healers. 3 is overkill and VERY hard from a enrageperspective.
    - Send down 1 healer with 2 Dps in every totem.
    - Try to make sure that healers take turns going down. In a perfect world one healers goes down on 1,3,5..... while the other one goes 2,4,6 and so on.
    - Try to mix the dps that enter the spirit world, Dolls makes it hard to make premade groups but you dont want to send the same dps down over and over again.
    - If you are unlucky with dolls the same healer might have to enter twice in a row. Make sure to get back to the real world as fast as possible and that the healer that stays up pops cooldowns.
    - Stop enter totem at around 23-25 %, save heroism for now.
    - We killed it with 15 secs left on enrage and we made some mistakes and it was not even close to a perfect try so if everyone is decent geared with flasks and food you will get a kill!

    Best of luck!

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    Rotate dps as they get a buff.
    You dont have to send in 2 dps all the time, I think we ended up doing it like 1-2-1-2-1-2-2 ( the last two as a cleanup before we hit 20% AND to get more dps with the buff ).

    BE VOCAL IF YOU CANT TAKE THE TOTEM AND GET ANOTHER DPS IN FAST. Cant stress how important this is. If you have one really well suited player to go down every time, you dont have to worry about him though as he cant get the debuff downstairs which is where he spents 80% of the time.

    That and simply get better dps, elegon is going to be a major problem if your people dont sort out their issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deja Thoris View Post
    Seriously, what the fuck is up with posters? Help them to improve. Everyones advice here is just to ditch and replace.

    Comments like "lol, if you are struggling with morchok heroic, wait till you reach spine hc l2p noob!" are so helpful too.
    As I said I didnt mean to be an idiot. But the truth for this fights is that the mechanics are fairly simple and thats why it comes down to the dps. But I am sorry if you got the wrong impression. I didnt mean to make a fool of anyone.

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    What seemed to work for us ... was putting me, the warlock, repeatedly into the spirit world apparently.

    Turns out that as demo warlock I do an impressive job at clearing the spirit world and doing mad DPS the rarer times while I'm out.

    This made us go from 8-15% enrage wipes to an easy kill with 30-60 seconds left apparently.

    And no it had nothing to do with my personal DPS sucking, as usually I top the meters. (world top 100 ranked on worldoflogs usually too...)
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    This is a secret :o
    2 tanks 2 healers, we were senting our Monk in the spirit realm all the time because of his instants, while our hunter and warrior were taking turns at entering. That helped us a lot with killing adds fast. They were coming back to normal realm at 20-25 secs, and I (as a tank) used STR flask and pre potted/potted inside the fight. Overall it's probably your dps' problem that you can't pass the enrage but every little thing helps. I think that at start atonement healing with a priest (when dmg is low) really goes a long way too but not sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boombrew View Post
    As I said I didnt mean to be an idiot. But the truth for this fights is that the mechanics are fairly simple and thats why it comes down to the dps. But I am sorry if you got the wrong impression. I didnt mean to make a fool of anyone.
    Your solution just isn't a solution is all.

    I mean, you can say "get someone else to do it" for pretty much anything. Pointless.

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