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    Quote Originally Posted by CadeE View Post - 855$
    Okay I mixed a bunch of the builds together and this is what I have.
    Think I should change anything?
    Quote Originally Posted by CadeE View Post
    Should I go for a cheaper case? I am not really sure what would be compatible with everything else.
    First problem with your build, you're getting a B75 motherboard with a 3570K. According to my Googlefu, the B75 is a chipset for business computer. As a result, is unable to overclock the 3570K the way we would normally do by increasing the clock multiplier. You can either go 3570K + Z77 or go 3570 OR 3470 OR 3330 OR 3350P + H77. You're also missing an aftermarket CPU cooler for overclocking. A decent $20 cooler will do.

    You can definitely go with a cheaper case. I think the HAF 912 is the recommended case at the $50 range.

    The PSU wasn't included in the pcpartpicker price.

    Since you need a monitor, your effective budget is $680 which would align closely with Marest's 680 build. I would recommend:

    Your motherboard is micro ATX. Any case that supports micro ATX (which is most ATX Mid Towers) should be fine. Just make sure to check the specifications.

    Alternative ram sticks include: Orange Heatsink, Red Heatsink, Blue Heatsink, Black Heatsink. The only difference between the previously listed RAM sticks are the heatspreaders (the colored metal part), since they are the same stick underneath, just pick the one you like. Corsair alternatives for RAM include: Low Profile Black Heatsink, Low Profile Blue Heatsink, Low Profile Black Heatsink, Blue Heatsink, Black Heatsink. Again, these are all the same sticks underneath and have the same stats as the G. Skill sticks listed earlier.

    You will also notice that I decided to select a cheaper 660 still from MSI. The one I chose has a lower stock clock 980 vs 1030, however I don't feel its worth the extra $50. Here is a list of 660s you can choose from: . The way select graphics cards is by 1) Stock Clock (aka. Factory Overclock) 2) RAM Size and Speed (should be about the same across the board at this tier) 3) Fan Manufacturer (actually quite important due to noise/temperatures). Recommended fan manufacturers for Nvidia include ASUS (they're kind of expensive though), MSI, Gigabyte and EVGA (they generally only sell enclosed cards, see how the walls of the cards are covered by plastic as compared to the open configuration of the other manufacturers).

    The case was changed to a HAF 912 to save $20. The case is one of the few components where its almost entirely the user's choice. Just remember to choose from a set of 'recommended' cases. Marest's build sticky has a list of cases he recommends. Other sites such as and have a set of recommended cases.

    Recommended the Seasonic M12ii because its modular.

    Since your budget is tight, I would highly recommend spending the extra 2 weeks to watch components go on sale. For example, the Seasonic PSU is currently $75, but historically, it will go on sale for ~$60 and it has gone down to $50, although recently the prices haven't been so great.

    The following parts don't seem to have much price change:
    ASRock H77M
    Caviar Blue HDD
    Coolermaster HAF 912

    The following components are currently on sale:
    MSI 660
    Acer Monitor

    The following components may go on sale sometime:
    Seasonic M12ii 520W

    One caveat, the i5-3350P does not have integrated graphics so you will not be able to use it without a graphics card.

    EDIT - I was looking at some Newegg sales and here's what I found.

    NZXT 20% off their Cases and PSUs with code EMCJNJB224 expires 10/20
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    MSI have been overvolting their cards at stock settings, so change that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dysko View Post
    I dont see how an ssd is a waste of money? My 2 256gb ssd's is probably the best investment ive made into my computer. if he had the extra $100 to make the $900 the only other reasonable upgrade would be a 660ti, im not sure if that could be justified over dropping a mechanical drive.
    Most people on this forum just use their SSD's for their OS and games. On the other hand, it sounds like you use your 2x256GB SSD's for storage as well. Most people will be just fine using a HDD for storage vs a SSD. Based on that, the funds would definitely be better spent elsewhere.
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