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    Soul reaper Power auras or Tellmewhen

    Hello. Does anyone know how to use Power auras or tellmewhen to see when the boss hits 35% and make an icon were it says "Execute" or a picture to show that soul reaper is usefull?

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    You know, there are those things in the game called health bars. You can configure them to show percentage of HP.
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    Use weak auras instead... I was using power auras, but I switch to WA after 5.0.1 and never looked back. They are perfectly customizable to do stuff like that.

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    Do you really need something to give you a "heads up" for that? I generally use Healthbars for that, not hard to watch tbh.

    It would maybe be usefull if blizzard built that in themselves by enlighting the skill on the action bar like when you get an BB/DnD proc

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    But you'll want to hit soul reaper before 35% so the target drops to execute range just a split second before the 5s debuff runs out, and you have to time this based off of the target hp and the damage being dealt to it.

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    I just used tellmewhen to notify me when the boss was at 36% health, Soul Reaper was available, and I had a blood rune available. It was pretty easy to set up and works well. I guess you could just stare at a health bar but as blood I would rather be paying attention to what is going on around me to see if there are any adds or loose mobs that I need to pick up. I don't understand why some people see it as a flaw to have an extra notification, can't hurt anything other than silly pride imo...

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    I use weakauras to make the soul reaper button glow when my target hits 36%. Very easy to setup, just define an action for the glow with trigger at <=36%. You can pop up a huge image too if you like, I find the glow is sufficient.

    I don't have the "rune is available" conditional defined. I want to know that I should be hitting the button as soon as I have the resources to do so.

    You definitely want to hit SR well before 36% in most cases, particularly soloing. This is just a reminder so I don't forget to use it.

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    As Frost, I would probably not use the rune available condition either. I started using it as blood because I did not want to use my death runes on Soul Reaper. I would much rather hang on to them for a DS if I get a nasty spike or something.

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    Ahhh I get what you're saying. That's a very good point. I'll change my blood spec WA to do the same thing!

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    35% is just when the damage happens, i would def go to 40-38% to start hitting them with it, depending on the rate of health loss, of course.
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    I use an addon called Inline Auras. Their most recent release has a trigger for Soul Reaper: http://www.wowace.com/addons/inline-...es/340-v1-8-8/

    Whenever your target is below 35% and you have a rune to use on Soul Reaper, it lights up the button on your bar.

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    I made it work with TMW, but it took a bit of custom trigger configuring to do so.

    You can make a custom trigger that looks for HP, looks for in combat, and looks for runes. Super helpful indeed.

    re: "durr use lifebars!" that's probably fine for LFR where you don't have to watch 5 other timers and pay attention so you don't get one shot by some various mechanic.

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