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    Whats ur highest dps done when tanking and where!!(blood dk )

    a while ago when doing scholo, i noticed i did double dps then the top dps class at that moment(i did 125k) after rattlegore (the blood mobs)
    so we move on to were the students are there i did 260k or sumthing. Yesterday i went with a guildgroup and 1 pug....He wanted to quit the group after seen my dps on students around 360k....well he joked about to leave, he really didnt ofc...

    i just wanted to share this cuz i really had a lot fun doing it
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    I noticed that as well in Scholo were I did 255k dps, not sure if it's an buff/debuf of some sorts, tanks shouln't be doing more dps than dps chars (not that I mind it though :P)

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    its because ur vengence is designed to offset the threat that the dps do at higher gear levels which they don't have yet

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    Something like 200k on firsts pack in shado pan monastery, pretty impressive your 360k tho

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    5.2 million DPS at level 85 on Alysrazor's two birds. I soaked the meteor and got an additional 570k Attack Power from Vengeance as a result.
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    350k on the trash before stone guard

    475k on the trash after rattlegore

    back in cata
    125k on baleroc post vengeance change

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    240k or something when pulling the entire room before last boss in jade temple

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    350-400k in Scholo where the 4 giants are before one of the bosses.

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    Let me ask you a different question:

    How high did your AP go in RAIDS pulls when you did lots of DPS? For example, someone said they did 350k dps on the trash before the Stone Guards in MsV... I am wondering how much AP he had and how he managed it.

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    147k steady DPS on Stoneguard Heroic.

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    yeah broken vengance is broken, i understand its tuned for dps with higher ilvls, but surely there is a better way for tank to keep threat than making them top the dps metre

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    Highest I ever did was close to 400k on the Scholo trash, the Bored Students. Somehow, ALL the mobs got aggroed. I managed to LoS them, pop defensive CDs, and went to town. I did double the healing the healer did as well (Druid).

    Vengeance is now designed so that tanks do a set amount of damage on any encounter. Blizzard can look at the encounter, and tweak either the damage going out or the bosses health. I believe that its balanced around you using full mitigation and no extra damage (I.E Maul/Herioc Strike spammage, Heart Strike spam, Breathe of Fire spam, ect)
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