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    [H] Frostmourne Experienced Hunter LF Guild

    Hey guys,

    I'm an experienced ranged dps (currently 480ilvl) looking for a progression focused guild to continue my raiding restart in 2013.

    Last year, as a tank, I cleared 6/6 4/6 0/4 with attempts on Protectors/Ambershaper in a 10 man guild finishing up in early December. Then over the christmas period my guild changed servers and I found myself without a raid group (there were other issues at play, dramaz, otherwise I would have gone with them).

    At this point I decided to return to what I've played since Vanilla, ranged dps, and see if I could jumpstart the queue and get back to clearing the tier before Throne hits.

    In previous expansions I raided all content when it was current, with the exception of Sunwell in TBC and Firelands/Dragonsoul in Cata due to a break.

    In the last 2.5 weeks or so since I dinged 90, I've got my hunter to 480ilvl in a mix of raid/crafted/LFR gear, and pretty successfully competed on meters with players in far superior gear.

    What I'm looking for a is a guild which has preferably cleared further than 6/6 3/6 (or will be soon), doesn't matter if its a group 2, which raids after 7pm svt and finishes before 1am svt (negotiable). I really don't want to get stuck on Garalon for weeks again since those attempts are painful as hell and I've done my time on that guy, but anything after that I'm fairly happy to progress on with the group.

    I expect my gear to continue to progress at a fast pace and can promise exceptional numbers and a solid performance. I'm a stable, 100% attendance raider just looking for a new home.

    Armory (of both my new hunter main and my old tank so you can see exp) available on request.

    EDIT: Rejoined an old guild of mine. This thread can be deleted.
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