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    Xbox 360, 3DS, PS3.

    I don't post on mmo often so forgive me if this post is completely out of place. But I recently came into some money and want to purchase either an Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS or a PS3. I'm posting here to see if I could be persuaded into buying one of these based off of things I may have overlooked (Future releases, great games out now, great games from the past that I haven't played etc). I have had a 360 in the past, so I have played most of all those games. To give some background as to why i'm torn between the three, I absolutely LOVE halo, that being said Halo 4 comes out in three weeks and I would love to play it. Problem comes when I don't really care about xbox aside from halo 4. Afaik, that is the only game on xbox from now into the foreseeable future that I would care to play. I want to buy the 3DS because there are currently around five games I am very interested in playing (Kingdom Hearts: Coded/DDD, Pokemon Black and White 1/2, Final Fantasy: Theatrythm). But what concerns me is the online community/capabilities for the 3DS and it's games, I enjoy a multiplayer experience, and i'm not entirely sure if 3DS beyond those few games will garner anything worth my money. Finally I would enjoy a Playstation 3 for Dust 514, the Uncharted series, Little Big Planet, and I know the game the Last of us is supposed to release next year, along with Playstation all stars and a remake of Kingdom Hearts, But aside from those I have no clue of any other playstation exclusives that really pique my interest, or are definitely worth the purchase. To give you some specific concerns, Console life (is it actually worth it to buy one of these this late into their development, should I just wait for the next gen?), are games like pokemon big online for the 3DS? (Player battles, trading etc). Are there any Xbox 360 exclusives that I have just completely overlooked? A plethora of more, but if most of you read this it should be ample information.

    TL;DR - Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3. Which of these three are my best bet for purchasing right now? And why.

    PS, I realize it's a brick of text, I apologize for that.

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    Isn't the WiiU a month away?

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    Sorry, I don't have any interest in the WiiU, but also please back up your claims.

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    Just try them all out, that would give the best point of view.

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