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    [A]Ominous of Saurfang: 25 man MoP recruitment

    Progression 2/6H 25MV and 3/6N HoF

    We are a heroic mode or hardmode progression focused raiding guild. Our no1 goal is kill all bosses the game has to offer in a timely manner with mature and reliable people. To achieve this all our raiders are expected to research and play to the highest standards. We keep a fairly tight roster to keep sitting to min while maintaining enough to maintain quality raids, for this reason we require high attendance and high performance.

    Ominous look for like minded hardcore raiders who dont want to or cant raid 40 hours during progression, who dont want to be the 5th or 6th of their class in the list. That said from time to time we may try to arrange an extra (non complusary) raids in 25s or 10s to help the guild progress faster. If this sounds like a guild that might appeal to you we'd love to hear from you

    Any queries feel free to contact the following, or app at our website below



    Current Recruitment : We welcome and give strong consideration to all quality applications

    Warrior/ druid tank
    Monk heals
    Balance druid
    Shadow Priest

    Raid Times :

    Monday - 8pm to midnight
    Wednesday - 8pm to midnight
    Thursday - 8pm to midnight
    Sunday - 8pm to midnight

    What we offer:

    * A guild that values your time and effort - We always look to better efficiency.
    * Guild first established in BC
    * Skilled experienced raid members striving for excellence
    * Competitive and stable raid environment.
    * Fair and balanced loot system. We use EPGP (Effort Points / Gear Points) loot system.
    * Mature guild with a zero drama policy.
    * Alt runs with a friendly relaxed guild atmosphere.


    * Exceptional raid attendance
    * Stable, reliable internet & PC
    * Excellent raid awareness
    * Excellent class knowledge
    * Vent and working mic
    * Flasks, food and pots
    * Be team focused
    * Apps supported by combatlogs preferred
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    Recruitment update

    Feral dps
    Balance druid
    Shadow Priest

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    Recruitment update

    Warrior tank
    Balance druid
    Shadow Priest

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