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    LFR - Vault of Mysteries

    I just completed the second half of MSV on LFR and there are a couple of things you should probably warn your group of since most people still haven't seen the fights.

    Spirit Kings: For Qiang the Merciless (the first guy) make sure the raid is stacked on your tank for the entire phase. Stay with your tank when he moves to dodge flanking orders.

    Elegon: After the sparks hit the pillars, THE PLATFORM WILL STILL DISAPPEAR and the raid must move to the outer ring.

    The Elegon one is going to kill the most people.

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    Oh nice, i was just about to ask some people if 2nd part is open for LFR!

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    I can smell wipes on Elegon if the platform despawning mechanic is there, don't know if its good or bad as it could really screw up properly if you get a group with many rotten apples in, while its fine if you get people with common sense.

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    You can literally 10man LFR elegon

    It's tuned lower, health wise, than 10man normal.

    Probably under the assumption that a handful of idiots fall in
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    Blizzard offered cardboard cut outs with poster pictures of bosses stapled on them upside down and sideways and many players now feel that is raiding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raxxed View Post
    You can literally 10man LFR elegon

    It's tuned lower, health wise, than 10man normal.

    Probably under the assumption that a handful of idiots fall in
    the total annihilation is laughable (80k) an d you don't get overcharged stacks form being in the engine, that alone makes me think the boss is fesable with 10 if there is no enrage timer.

    when I ran it I forgot to tell people to run out of the middle so only 8 people survived, second time everyone seem'd to learn and no one died, shocker.

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    I told my group and we actually all survived the first floor drop and somehow got 3 stacks. Second one my OT died and we had more people die to not moving in for radiating energies.

    Love the will of emperor fight, great practice for melee and tanks because the devastating combo dance is not slowed down at all.

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    When was the 2nd part released?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sareth View Post
    When was the 2nd part released?
    most likly today in us

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    Yea there was 1 wipe per boss when I ran it today. Over all still not that bad.

    I'd prefer my orcs to stand up straight.

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    Queuing up today, my group only required one wipe to figure out "Oh, the platform!"

    Elegon shouldn't pose a threat otherwise.

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