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    MG/DS tick addon?

    I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations to addons to use to track MG/DS ticks. I've got drainsouler, castbars, and Quartz and all 3 seem to show the ticks at slightly different times. Is any one more correct that the others? From what i can tell when i try DS on a target dummy with no shards, drain souler is the "most" accurate since at the sound of the second/fourth/sixth tick another shard is generated, while on castbars and quartz the shards appear a bit after the tick indicators, but I was wondering if there was a bar-type castbar addon out there that was in sync with this (assuming drainsouler is the most accurate). Thanks in advance!

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    I stopped using Quartz for a while because it didn't seem to be updating with haste procs. I think I switched to Necrosis but I can't remember ... so for now I'm using Quartz again just because I like how it looks and it didn't require any setup, and I figured until I get something better it's better than nothing.

    Your idea to test based on when the shard regen'd is a good idea, but I think I'd go a bit further and test to see if you can stop DSing when Quartz/Castbars says a tick has occurred and see if you still then get the shard -- idea being that maybe there is a delay between when the 2nd tick happens and when your shard is applied.
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    Gnosis. Great add-on. And you can also set drain soul timer to alert you of ticks.
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    Fortexorcist + Quartz

    first one works fine, shows ticks in accordance to when they actually happen = i'm very content with it.

    second one i use for every castable spell ( UA, MG, DS, Haunt), not that good for showing when the exact ticks occur.

    edit 1 : a bit offtopic question:

    what do you guys use to track personal buffs ?

    fortexorcist worked great until MoP, i guess they just haven't released an update because every new buff i get that has been introduced in MoP ( any windsong buff - crit, haste, mastery, jade serpent potion use, on-use trinket or proc chance trinket), does not show up on the bar, while pre-MoP buffs ( Dark Soul, Bloodlust, Time Warp, Dark Intent, etc) still show up.

    i guess i have to wait for an updated version of fortexorcist so that every MoP buff is introduced ? downside being it's already been 3 weeks since the release and no updated version has still appeared :<


    edit 2 : nevermind the question, replied it myself once i visited the curse site; fortexorcist not updated yet with MoP buffs, hopefully they will update it soon ( as said on the site) so i can continue using it to its full extent.
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    drainsouler : a little box with boss %; indicates when a tick occurs, and how much that tick as for.

    The genius bit, is everytime your mg or DS ticks, you get a 'tick' sound. Highly recommended on top of Quartz / Gnosis /castbars

    @ regarding buffs tracking : I am still waiting for POwerAuras and doing everything manually til then. I have found nothing remely close to powerauras's sheer awesomeness

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