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    Leveling with out side quest's

    Hi I was wondering how many of you guys level with out side quest's and only really do PvP, Flashpoint's, Main Quest, World Arc Quest's and such like that. Also to any of you who do level this way would you recommend this way for someone who has already leveled a few 50s?

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    ive done it with 2 of my 50s. i basically only played those toons when my friend was on, but we would basically only do each planets main storyline and our class quests and then we would do some pvp mixed in.

    its fun and a good way to break up the monotony but if i were leveling a toon up by myself i probably wouldnt go that route. solo queueing for pvp never seems to be very enjoyable for me so when im playing an alt i generally stick to doing all the quests on the planet

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    It's very doable with legacy unlocks and the occasional repeated Heroic/FP/WZ. If you did it with purely rested exp you might not need to repeat any content, but pure grind wise it may make sense to knock out some efficient planet quests otw from point A to B. Will require some cash, but you mention a few 50s so dropping 500k credits is like 2 days of dailies.

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    leveled 3 Characters only with pvp, class quest and some random flashpoints, due to the high pvp rate your rested xp isn't diminishing really fast and if you log out inside a cantina you hardly run out of it.

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    I only leveled up one toon doing all the side quests. At this point I prefer to level through the main storyline, flashpoints, and PvP. With the legacy unlocks it helps a lot. Though I do occasionally do some planets I like (Quesh and Voss for instance).

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    It seems you are focused on getting it over as soon as possible, so it definitely would work. Max out every activity you plan on doing through legacy rewards, even space if that's your thing just to have that little bit extra. Then just cycle through your activities to keep it fresh. It also helps to keep your alts mods updated at least every 10 levels to the highest possible. If you have the credits to blow on the legacy perks, you probably have the credits and/or crew skills to hook your alt up.

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    Well thank you all for the great responses I guess I'm off now to go and level without side quest!

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