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    Best route for Infernal Machine plans?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good route to get your 5 stacks before meeting the keywarden in Act 4 for the IM plans? I tried geting the plans last night without success. The first time I got the stacks fairly easily, killed the warden, but he didn't drop the plans. I started the second run at the very start of the act and by the time I met him I only had four stacks, BUT he was standing right next to an elite pack I could have gotten the final stack. However I died several times trying to kill both him and the pack. Anyone know a better way? If I wouldnt have started from the beginning and didn't fight Rakanoth I would maybe have had 3 stacks by the time I came across him...

    One tip though: Not sure if this was a bug or not, but after dying to him twice on the second run he despawned and never came back until I left and restarted the game. Just FYI...

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    I just start act 4 from scratch. Doesn't really take that long to do.

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