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    Im so psyched for this. I love soloing anything and everything.
    "I hated hating Garrosh before it was cool."

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    Quote Originally Posted by starkey View Post
    Thats funny been using it since 2009, not banned yet
    Same here, its really not something they can catch you for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eskobar View Post
    Me and TONS of other people have been using auto it to disenchant in mass and prospect/milling since forever, if you think any one is gonna get banned over this, I got a lot on the moon I'd like to sell ya.
    And Im renting apartments on the sun. Pretty expensive though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaks View Post
    Perfect example of what the OP was talking about.

    I think if it was done right it'd be a lot of fun without being a major frustration. Like: throw daze thang on targeted area which "activates" after 2 seconds (like hunter traps). Maximum of 10 daze thangs can be on the floor at a time.

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    Dazes have literally never had diminishing returns. I'm not sure why they would now all of a sudden.
    I thought it would be pretty obvious why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by starkey View Post
    Thats funny been using it since 2009, not banned yet

    <---- Narcolepsy and disenchanting/milling/prospecting don't mix. I literally have to use it for my health. When i try mass amount manually i am constantly slamming my face into the keyboard.
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    was excited about this. but now not so much. the idea of people deliberately interfering sort of defeats the the whole idea imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggma View Post
    was excited about this. but now not so much. the idea of people deliberately interfering sort of defeats the the whole idea imo.
    There very well could be a DR put on the effect, a limit on the amount of items thrown in during a match, or a cooldown on the item. Who knows. Enough people could bitch for it to be removed even.

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    I'm not quite sure why dazing is still in the game after this long. It's not like it adds anything in the open world of PvE. Also, do PvPers have to wait for dazes to achieve a dismount on their target? or do abilities like Hamstring and slows do that now? Because otherwise Blizz should just implement the daze dismount effect into how a slow / snare works.

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    The daze will be horrible. On some fights you either have to move constantly or do something constantly to avoid dying. An example would be the fight I am currently at in PTR. It is some big eye (looks like a C'thun eye) that on second phase has tons of beams moving around the room. One hits for 250k. So being dazed here would cause death real easy. It is the last fight before rank 7

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    According to the text it say it could potentially daze someone, so it's probably only going to have a chance to work. Anyway, I'd prefer it if the fruit were cosmetic. I don't care how competitive brawler's guild is; I'd much rather have the option to help someone's chance of winning or not over either helping someone's chance of winning or hurting it (or doing nothing). I'm assuming the fruit will likely get nerfed before the patch is released, especially if someone on the PTR forums give feedback on it.

    With that said, whether the fruit gets nerfed or not, I'm still going to be throwing flowers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knightmare View Post
    With that said, whether the fruit gets nerfed or not, I'm still going to be throwing flowers.
    That made me smile. One that will cast flowers. Wasn't sure if any at all would do that. People don't seem very happy about being supportive.

    Will have to see if it goes live, and if it's always bananas, i'm just going to play at night. It kinda ruins the fun for me if i know i'm surrounded by assholes, regardless if i kill the mob or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zxzas View Post
    Can't wait to throw bananas at the casuals and laugh at them and tell them how they suck at their class.
    Can't wait to watch you get one shot and die like every self-proclaimed "pro-raider" does standing in spinning crane kick fighting a pandaren rare. Guess you gotta find something else to do hitting that wall in raiding and waiting for blizz to nerf content for you.

    Daze is the stupidest mechanic in the game, giving idiot players the ability to troll with it is absurd.

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    Good news is that almost no one will be doing the brawlers guild so there wont be many people to toss fruit at.
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    I'm pretty sure this would be against WoW's TOS, which states that you agree not to ruin other people's playing experience.
    Why would you put something in that allows people to hamper other people's playing experience? Why would you put something in that allows petty people to go 'na, na!'
    If you put something in that has, as a main purpose, to annoy people, then people who can use that will become, magically, annoying. It's like hitting a bloody switch.

    So yeah. No Brawler's Guild for me, please. It adds nothing but frustration, anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Picori View Post
    Hahaha, it is seriously banana's? Bring on the Donkey Kong!
    No, just bananas.

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    The mistake many people are making is thinking Brawler´s guild was supposed to be this big progressive, challenging feature.. it isn´t.. it is something fun to do on the side. There are no real rewards. I mean, really, without the social aspect and bananas... what is it? Just a place to go fight rare world spawns? I think they should make the bananas have a substantial gold cost though.. like maybe 500g or something.. so people don´t just spam them..

    Proving grounds will be what you are looking for if you are looking for solo challenging content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by halmotors View Post
    That just means you haven't been caught yet.
    Okay good - billion dollar empire doesn't know how to catch one of their players botting after 3 years... maybe they will figure it out after wow ends. If you don't bot you are a sucker.

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    1. Will the items ever make it to the live patch...... has yet to be waited for.
    2. Where do the items come from? Are they for free, or do they cost something? If they cost something, are they rather trivial (20s a stack) or are a gold sink (5g a piece).

    I would rather hold my horses, wait and see how it will actually play out.

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