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    EU - [A] Insolence (10) @ Hellfire

    Insolence - 10 Man - Raiding ~ Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 2200 to 0000(GAME TIME)

    Insolence on Hellfire is looking for some new friends to join our team:

    The GM is Nepheli and the officers that help managing the guild are Avadiel, Murasakii, Wulfgang, Turambar and Nymrael and we also make the core of our raiding team.

    We have raided together for a long time and we have proven to be stable and trustworthy individuals. We all are adults, 18+, with full-time real life schedules, obligations, jobs, families and other activities but we do enjoy WoW and raiding.

    Respecting the other guild members as well as other players in the game as humans above all and respecting Blizzard and WoW rules is mandatory.

    Currently we are looking for:

    New players who are willing to raid and learn and/or more experienced WoW players who want to enjoy casual raiding. We are looking to fill 2-3 dps spots in our 10 man raid team. Heroic Dungeons and LFR experience are the absolute minimum along with appropriate raiding gear. Normal and/or Heroic Raiding experience (even from precious tiers) is a huge plus.

    We are looking mostly for DPS classes, especially Mages and/or other Hybrid ranged classes.


    - The standard raid nights are Tuesday and Thursday from 22:00 to 00:00 raid time. We also have a 3rd raid night on schedule but we plan it few days before. Usually it's Monday, same time.
    - Everyone regardless of rank has to sign up for each raid as early as possible in the in-game calendar.
    - If you have signed up for a raid you have to be online prior to raid time (22:00) and stay throughout the whole duration of the raid.
    - If for some reason you are unable to show up, make sure to let one of the officers know or leave a message on the guild website or use remote chat(its free now)
    - Have a read through the boss guides before going for a new boss.


    I believe our raid timings should be suitable/appropriate for many casuals who want to raid but are unable to, due to work or other real life commitments.

    If you can commit Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 2200 to 0000(GAME TIME) or at the very least two from these three raid days, then Insolence is the perfect guild for you.

    The average age of the guild members is 20+, or is it 30+? I am not too sure to be honest, but either way all the members are very friendly and accommodating. We do not have any Drama in the guild and we like to keep it that way.

    The basic loot rules are Tanks > Healers > DPS, if it is an upgrade for tanks or healers. If not then whoever wins the loot roll, this of course can be overridden if the Raid Leader/officers believe the item is a bigger upgrade for someone else. But we do try our best to keep everyone happy and make the raid experience fun for the team.

    If you are interested or need more information, then please do not hesitate to contact any of the officers or GM in game.

    GM: Nepheli

    Officers: Avadiel, Murasakii, Wulfgang, Turambar and Nymrael
    For more information or for applying please visit: Insolent.wowstead
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    Still looking for Mages or SP's. Other ranged DPS are welcome as well.

    Only 2 Hour raids - 2 - 3 days a week.

    Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 2200 to 0000(GAME TIME)

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    Come on guys, where are all the casual raiders.

    Still looking for Ranged DPS.

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    Still Looking for Ranged DPS

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    Insolence Needs you - Please apply at Insolent.wowstead

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    Insolence is making progress slowly and steadily. Looking for more people who want to progress with us at our pace.

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    Looking for more Casual Raiders to help fill the spots.

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    Also updating progress, bosses are going down! Feels damn good to raid again properly!

    Elegon and Imperial Vizier Zor'lok down
    Will of the Emperor is following :P


    P.S. Still recruiting DPS and HYBRID DPS classes.
    18+ years old, able to keep up with our simple and relaxing raid schedule!

    DKs are red,
    Shammies are blue,
    we need Hybrid DPS
    and a MAGE too!

    That poem deserves a well written application :P
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    Recruitment is still open. Still looking for a skilled mage.

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