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    [A][25m] Kamuflasjefylla @ Ravencrest 14/16HC

    About us:
    Kamuf is a guild formed on Dentarg EU in January 2007 - at the release of TBC expansion.
    Despite the Norwegian name, the guild is comprised of people from all over Europe.
    We are an english speaking guild, both ingame and on mumble.

    Raid times are:
    Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
    Time: 19.00 to 23.00

    What we expect:
    * Maintain good raid attendance.
    * Play your class at top level
    * Be ready to spend a lot of time ingame to down the boss
    * Be ready to improve you playstyle
    * Be communicative with people you play

    We are currently looking for:
    Druid – Balance/Resto - Medium
    Mage - Medium
    Monk – Windwalker - Medium
    Paladin - Holy/Retro - Medium
    Priest – Disc - High
    Rogue - Medium
    Shaman – Resto/Ele/Enh - High
    Warlock – Medium

    We ALLWAYS consider exceptional applicants regardless of recruitment status, but classes we have a particular need for are ofcourse more likely to be accepted.

    For further info visit our website kamuf.org
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    We are in need of reliable healer (preferred Paladin/Priest)

    For dps we need a hunter and deathknight.

    Exceptional players are always considered no matter the class!

    Contact Forchi / Yawkie / Vlata Ingame for more info or head over to kamuf.org forum and make an application
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    Looking for exceptional players to our roster for T15 Progress
    Shaman and Disc Priest are high prio

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