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    [Mage] Streams and Vids for 5.4

    Special thanks to Mrgreenthumb for the sticky!

    Starting up a thread of streams and videos for 5.4 and onward.

    For convenience, use the standardized formats below:

    Stream List:

    12:00 GMT = 14:00 CET = 08:00 EST = 05:00 PST

    Normal Videos:

    Normal Immerseus:
    Normal Fallen Protectors:
    Normal Norushen:
    Normal Sha of Pride:
    Normal Iron Juggernaut:
    Normal Dark Shamans:
    Normal General Nazgrim:
    Normal Malkorok:
    Normal Siegecrafter Blackfuse:
    Normal Paragons of the Klaxxi:
    Normal Garrosh:

    Heroic Videos:

    Heroic Immerseus:
    Heroic Fallen Protectors:
    Heroic Norushen:
    Heroic Sha of Pride:
    Heroic Galakras:
    Heroic Iron Juggernaut:
    Heroic Dark Shamans:
    Heroic General Nazgrim:
    Heroic Malkorok:
    Heroic Spoils of Panderia:
    Heroic Thok:
    Heroic Siegecrafter:
    Heroic Paragons:
    Heroic Garrosh:
    PvP Videos:
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    Stream (raids 7:30EST - 11:30, Tues/Thurs/Sun) currently 12/14 25m N
    Spec: Frost

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    Stream (Mon. Wed. Thurs. 7:00 PM -11:00 PM EST): Starting heroics today.
    Spec: Fire with 4 piece T16

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    Stream (Tues-Thurs 9PM-1AM CST): twitch .tv/ziemsc - heroic 25m raiding
    Spec: Arcane
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    Spec: Arcane 10m Heroic
    Heroic Protectors:
    Heroic Norushen:
    Heroic Sha of Pride
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    PvE[/url] Rogue PoV Disbánded on Draenor EU(World rank 12 10man)[/url] Mage PoV Disbánded on Draenor EU(World rank 12 10man)[/url] Dwarf Shortage(13/14 normal Arathor EU 10man)
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    Stream (raids from 18:30-00:00 Sun-Fri CET ):
    Spec: Fire & Arcane
    Current progression: 9/14 Heroic
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    My Twitch channel streaming Heroic content from Mage PoV. Armory. -Currently- retired. Dotabuff.

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    High Overlord Skyefire's Avatar
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    Aug 2013
    Name: Skyefire
    Stream [Mon/Wed/Thurs (occasionally Sunday): 5-6am to 10am EST (Australian EST: 7-8pm to 12am)]:
    Spec: Arcane
    Current Progression: 13/14 N
    Skye <Entropy> | US - Frostmourne 8/13M HFC | Twitch | Armoury

    Gorgeous signature by ELYPOP <3

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    Despite having really great Sha, Galakras, and Iron Juggernaut kills, the footage didn't archive, and I lost it. Here're a couple bosses from tonight. Probably would've gotten Malkorok, but we had a two hour delay.

    Heroic Dark Shamans:
    Heroic General Nazgrim:

    edit: fixed Nazgrim link
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    i stream mostly of our heroic progression (world 6, 10 man)
    search on twitch aemysoon (cant post links yet)
    we start today 14:00CET Thok all day

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    To answer Polarthief's question about making this thread sticky - the way to do it is to suggest it to the mods via PM, but consider it suggested. We'll talk about it.
    My magic will tear you apart.

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    Frostmane-EU, GoodGame, Harriett Mage

    Spec Arcane
    Sha of Pride 25 Heroic

    Spec Arcane
    Galakras 25 Heroic

    Spec Arcane
    Iron Juggernaut 25 Heroic

    Spec Arcane
    Kor'kron Dark Shaman 25 Heroic

    Im not allowed to post videos yet, maybe a mod can fix the links for me? Thanks.
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    ScrubBusters - The Maelstrom EU

    Stream (raids 19:15-01:00 CET, Weds/Thurs/Sun/Mon) Will stream when I'm allowed to, mostly during Farm clears or once progress is over. Currently at 11/14H though.
    Spec: All 3 when required, mostly Arcane/Fire.

    No Solo PoVs just yet. Will upload when I have some time.

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    My name is misspelled in the OP :P

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    Great to see the responses. I'll do some updates when I get home. I'm thinking of having streams at the top and vids for each boss at the bottom.

    edit: uploaded the Malkorok vid:
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    Name: Omniblast
    Spec: Arcane/Fire
    Guild: Genesis
    Difficulty: 25HC
    Time: Wednesday, Sunday, Monday - 19:30 -> 23:30 GMT +1
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    Name: Minimemage
    Guild: <Dsylxeic> US-Drenden
    Format: 10H
    Times(EST): 8:30pm-12am EST Sun-Thurs
    Mage Stream:
    Guild Stream (Multiple PoVs):

    PvE: All as arcane
    Heroic Immerseus:

    Heroic Fallen Protectors:

    Heroic Norushen

    Heroic Sha of Pride:

    Heroic Galakras:

    Heroic Iron Juggernaut:

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    Updated. Fixed my awful misspelling of Omniblast. My bad, champ.

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    Thank a lot for putting me in the OP! I'll start looking into recording bossfights together with one of our DKs. Might result into multiple PoV vids or just mage vids (why not both?), depending on if my computer has the required specs for it!

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