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    The gap between 25 and 40 (granted, the most extreme gap in those ranges) is about 50% xp gain. So yes, it'd be pretty significant.

    The gap between something closer to the middle...say, 30-35 is still about 75% xp gained. Still pretty significant if the question is, "Which is more efficient?"
    That's going to get one big huge "depends".

    Some zones are event wastelands. Other zones have them all over the place. If you're in a same-level zone and there are no events going on (Snowden Drifts, Gendarren Fields) then you aren't going to be earning much XP. If you can go to a previous zone full of events you'll earn more XP due to more events.

    Maybe when all the bugs are fixed and they tune event triggers better so that there's always something to do it'll be easier to say "just stick with level-appropriate zones." Until then, go where the action is.

    The action is most certainly not in Snowden Drifts. I hate that zone.

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    High level areas give more xp, but everything takes longer to kill and you have a higher death rate. On my warrior I was doing well against higher level mobs and killing them at a decent pace (being 5-7 levels higher) and absolutely trucked mobs at or lower/same level as me; however on my thief, ele, eng, and necro 2-3 levels higher is about all I can do also requires a lot of kiting. I think the best way to level is to do hearts, and events until you hit Kessex hills, then event farm bridge/village/champion. After that it's north of LA to hit some eqiv level mobs, clear hearts, do events before moving to the hinterlands where you do kol/centars/champion and so on from bloodtide.

    I guess it really depends on your class, and how well you play it, or how fast it can burn down higher level mobs solo.

    Oh yeah, gather everything! Best xp to be had, better than killing mobs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovinity Divinity View Post
    Going with things that are level-appropriate will give much better rewards. While your level is downscaled if you go to a lower level area, the rewards are downscaled as well, so there's really no benefit to it.
    This. I'm levelling a warrior (currently 25) and the exp is terrible if I go to 1-15 zones.

    2x 1-15 zones
    2x 15-25 zones... etc will get you where you need to be.

    I finished Kessex hills with about 3 levels from crafting at level 25. I'm gonna do another 15-25 because if I go to the 25-35 zone I will be outlevelled in just a few heart quests.

    This is what I have been doing with full completion of each zone. 1 of each zone is probably fine if you are doing it over multiple days and getting your daily multiple times in each zone. But otherwise, even keeping your crafting levelled, doing DEs and full completion of a zone isn't sufficient.
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    High level zones hearts/DEs seem to give more exp than upscaled low lvl hearts/DEs. Also, high(or equal) level zones give better completion rewards I believe and often have more DE's and map events.

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    High level will almost always result in higher XP/karma/gold per hour than low level. As others have pointed out low lvl stuff does scale up in reward but its nowhere near what you'd get for level apropreate stuff. The difference between equiv level vs hanging back 5 levels or so is not so clear. On the one hand you'll get a slightly better reward for equiv level but there is always a greater chance of geting in over your head, particularly if its a mobile DE that takes you into an area of a zone thats a bit higher than your level. There it comes down to safety vs a marginal boost in speed, depends on your personal skill really.

    Your generaly better off with a small to medium sized group however. Things die faster, there are more targets to kill due to DE scaleing and with enough AOE you get more XP from kills than a solo DE. On the other hand too big a group can be a bit bad if your a melee class. I've been involved in a few zerg sized groups that spawned packs so large that if you rush in and they all target you at once you drop instantly but if you dont rush in you never get to hit anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artorias View Post
    There's not a lot that makes a difference on the rate of leveling. Just play through whichover zones you want to and gather everything along the way. Crafting is good IF you already have a level 80 and stockpiled mats for a new character (400 in a crafting discipline = 10 levels in about an hour).
    That is terrible advise to give someone asking for the best way to level.

    Doing level appropriate zones/hearts/events is the fastest and most efficient way to go about questing, doing lower level zones and events is a huge waste of time if you want to level up fast. You will probably want to do 1.5-2 zones for each level bracket and then move on to the next one.

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