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    [A] Svea Livgarde 3/6 hc, 6/6, 4/4 Recruiting!! [SWE]

    Svea Livgarde is a Swedish Alliance guild on the server Outland.
    Progress: 3/6 heroic mogushans vault, 6/6 Heart Of Fear, 3/4 Terrace of Endless Springs
    We raid 4 days a week (Wed, Thurs, Sun, Mon) Invites 19:15, start 19:30, end 23:00.

    Svea Livgarde seeking players who performs at absolute top level.
    The guild is very stable and we've stayed together wet and dry ever since Vanilla WoW.

    Raid logs in the form of World of Logs.
    Web site with forums, ventrilo, and damn fun raids with a high tempo.
    Even Alt raids, RGB, Arena and other fun runs every week.

    We are looking for players that have:
    - You keep complete control over your char and keep yourself updated on changes.
    - You belong to the absolute top of your class.
    - You prefer progression raids before lootraids.
    - You see WoW as one of the most enjoyable leisure chores, and you like to spend your free time online.
    - You do not let your WoW gaming go out of your IRL responsibility.
    - You plan to continue playing a long time.

    Svea Livgarde hunts exceptional player, be enchanted and gemmed with the best you can get.

    The spots we got open are:

    2 Meele
    2 range
    Apply via our website: svealivgarde. be/ recruitment

    For more information take into Outland and talk to Fignar our recruiter.
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    Bump! 2/6 HC sedan ett par dagar tillbaka!

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